5 Exercises to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Physical exercise are most important aspect of everyday life. The main reason behind this is that these make the person fresh and help in getting the proper body structure. As we know that people have different physical requirements, thus exercises should be according to them. The best part is that its not hard to know the best exercises according to the body need. We just need to check with physical trainer who can recognize the requirement and suggest us accordingly. Exercises should be done even if person is physically perfect as these are the only means of maintaining the body structure that everyone want.

The best recommendation is taking the help of health trainer when it comes to choose the exercise plan, but here are the some common exercises which can suit everyone if doing regularly. Complete dedication and proper diet are also must:

Swims (dips):

this is the common exercise that every professional trainer asks you to do. This exercise has very outstanding results on the triceps, shoulder and chest. No doubt, you will find them tough in the beginning thus can do for a short while, but soon you start extending the timings if doing with complete dedication.  This is a common and effective practice. This exercise can be done with the help of two bars. There should be proper combination between the breath taking and movement of the body while doing this.



This exercise is highly recommendable for strengthening lower back, legs, and glutes. It not only refresh the body parts but also improve the blood circulation. This is an ideal exercise for increasing the muscle mass effectively. This is a common exercise so recommendable for everyone. This one has been declared best to strengthen the physique properly. It improve the posture perfectly if doing on the regular basis. It balance the body and stop unnecessary fats staying the body. The best part is that this exercise enhance the level of stamina of doing any physical task.



This exercise is highly recommended for muscle building and maintain an attractive level for a long time. This is one of those which effect every part of the body, Thus This should defiantly in your regular workout routine as it strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, muscles of the lower back as well as glutes. This is ideal for your core. It will be better if you take some diet suggestions from the expert to get the best from this exercise.



This is the best to build the muscles of legs and increase the strength of the back.  It effects on the hips and thighs. These show the effects within few minutes as the leg start feeling worked and fresh, no doubt give little pain for one or two days in the starting.  It becomes enjoying, once you get habitual of it. This exercise not require much place so one can do at home as well as outdoor. This is ideal to get the best from your effort in physical exercises.


Bench Press:

Another powerful way of giving a daily dose to the muscles and keeping them perfect for long. This exercise is perfect for triceps, shoulders, and chest. This exercise can be performed with several variations. This is a compound as well as full body exercise. It has incredible features of muscle building and strengths them for a long duration. This is highly recommendable to those who often feel pain in the shoulders.

Bench Press

Along with above-written exercises, there are several other including Push-ups, Rows, and curls. These exercises are recommendable for the betterment of upper back, legs and arms. The best part is that these are perfect for building mass and strength. There are two rows popular in rows which are T-bar and seat cable. These exercises are best to maintain the blood circulation level so that every essential element can reach every part of the body. One can be perfect in doing common physical exercise with in few days’ efforts. These require nothing but efforts of the body so that every part can work perfectly and we can stay away from the health related issues. A better diet with exercises double the effects of our efforts.

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