An incident as an article writer and the recovery

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As a freelancer, for many days I want to learn about article writing, content writing and so many more.  After sometime I learned these from a great institution. As a freelance writer, I had written so many articles in past days and clients have given me good feedbacks also.  All my clients seem to be satisfied with the quality of my work. Now I am happily working with three old clients of mine from different parts of the world. But one client does not absorb any mistake of me.

articleI made some articles for them in two days earlier and save these in a folder named ‘Client’s articles’. I thought that I sent those articles to my clients in evening. That’s why I saved it in desktop. After that, my Laptop was working slowly which means to say there is a virus,that’s why I told my brother to fasten the laptop through installing any antivirus software. He just came and sat to fasten the laptop with antivirus software, probably it was Avast. My brother washed off the viruses with software from my laptop. How cool and how bad..!! I didn’t find those files in my laptop anymore. Boom! It was empty, just gone everything. I complained on and on to my brother in deleting the files but he explained that the virus attacked the folders and its contents. I quarreled with my brother to delete that folder, calling him stupid and so on, also telling that I will never trust him again on these purpose. I know that it was not his fault but I told him to learn more about the software before installing it so this will not happen again.

I was too dumb to forget about backing up my laptop before getting the antivirus in there.Now I know that I have to always make a backup file for my laptop in order for the antivirus to fix the problem without deleting all my precious files. I was so angry at myself for making this stupid mistake, I wanted to scream out (actually I did in silent) to the world that I did this on my own and I should deal with it!

Then I thought that how can I make up my mistake, how can I told my clients about this. I’m not very worried about the other two clients because they are very understanding when it comes to things like this, but I am furious about my one employer who wants everything to be perfect. White lies, these were the ones who saved my day and apparently my career. I convince two of my clients that my laptop had been stolen and my articles which I wanted to give them were in this laptop. That’s why they had to give me some time to re-write these articles. As they are well-known for me, they gave me extra time to re-write. But another client didn’t understand my point. He just ignored my words and showed some arrogance and also ended my contract with him. Not only that, he gave me a bad feedback as well (my lowest ever, 4.3 out of 5). Although it did not affect much as almost all my feedbacks were above 4.9, most are 5 of 5.

Then I started for my pending works for those clients who understood me and satisfied with my work. I searched the information again for those articles which I have to deliver. Then I started to write with so much consciousness and sent those to clients within the extended period.

This is my memorable and also a painful moment in freelancing life. From that occurrence I have taken a lesson that in laptop or pc, you have to save a backup file of any kind of file you write or any other important documents. Otherwise you’ll be set u p in the unemployment life.

Do you think, “That’s all”? Nope! 5 years of professional career, lot more like this is coming. Am I told you that, I was almost into the jail for writing something? NO? 🙂 🙂 Then just stay tuned, I’ll be back with the story very soon. Thanks for your time.

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