3 main reasons why you need to do YOGA

Yoga is an ancient practice, it goes way back in the history of Asia, what makes it survive all these centuries is how effective and life changing practice it is. It started spreading all over the world and now you can attend these sessions by all sort of masters. So here it is, 3 main reasons why you need to do this ancient exercise.

1- Yoga is a peace booster.

Which means, meditation and yoga will help you relax and purify your perspectives about the world. It will help you feel less stressed and more accepting to the different circumstances life provides. It will boost your confidence and your tolerance. You will get time to learn more about yourself and build deep contacts with your inner person. As you are a little universe full of wonders and no need to hate or envy or get stressed.

2-It will make you prettier.

Yoga’s practices are mainly focused on breathing techniques, also the different postures in it will help your body’s energy flow and make all your body’s cells breathe. You will feel nourished, active and fresh. Your skin and lungs will thank you and you will relax all through the day.

3-Yoga will make you travel intensively.

Yoga will give you a purpose while traveling. Especially if you are going to Asia (i.e. India, China, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia ……. ) You cannot possibly miss the opportunity to have the intensive experience of meditating and practicing yoga in ashrams (religious places) and try this unique breath taking journey that only few can understand and appreciate. It will push you to integrate in your new cultures and meet new people from all over the world.

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