Driving Blind Spot – Risk On Road

Are you one of those drivers who usually fail to check your vehicle’s driving blind spot? You really need to be completely aware of it. If not, you will later on regret it. Now, if you are a beginner, you must insist something about the blind spot. Let your driving instructor elaborate something about it.

There are schools or driving instructors that teach novice drivers about the location of the blind spot. This is also particularly true to the right time to check it and the location. This is really necessary that you need to pay attention to.

Even if mirrors enable drivers to take a closer view of the rear part, there are still areas that are still left unchecked. These areas are still not observed in front of the mirrors while you are driving. Prior to these driving blind spot areas, these may easily hide another vehicle or even a cyclist.

Where exactly is the Blind Spot While You’re Driving?

Below are the three cars that drive along a motorway.

As you can see, each car has its two blind spots. This is what each part/side of the car has. The blind spots are actually emphasized by the areas in blue shade. These shaded areas actually come from the red car. And, you could pinpoint these areas in the diagram. As per the blue shading, you will learn that this is the section whereas the driver could not see. This is especially by looking into the vehicle’s mirrors alone.

Now, look at the orange car. If you drive the red car, you will see it slightly in the interior mirror and in the right mirror of the door.

The yellow one is also not out of sight from the red car driver. This is actually in the car’s blind spot.

In the event that you will maneuver the red car to the left lane, you will need to look straight into the interior mirror. And then, you will have to look at the left door mirror. Afterwards, you will need to look over your left shoulder. This way, you will be able to check the blind spot on the left. This is also right after you change the lanes.

If ever you fail to check the driving blind spot, it might potentially cause an accident. Thus, the very same procedure must be completed. This is also particularly if you want to transfer to the right hand lane.

Blind Spot Before you Drive Off

The driving tests are usually failed because a blind spot check or examination is forgotten. This is particularly before driving off. As a novice driver, you need to check on the blind spot on the left before you drive off completely. This is also even if you check on the right blind spot completely. You should look over your shoulder on the right before you move. It might be possible that there is a cyclist in the driving blind spot on the right. This will result to more serious consequences like if you bumped off into their path.

What Is the Right Time for the Blind Spot to be Checked?

Before you maneuver the car from its stationary position, the driving examiner will need to ask you to park it right on the left. This will actually be next to the kerb. You will be asked to move off again when you are ready. This way, he will be able to check your safety and control during and before moving off. This will also include you checking the blind spot. You also need to check the lanes, to the right or to the left. You must check the blind spot and the appropriate mirrors before you move the car to that direction.

Especially if you reside in the area with a number of cyclists, you need to check on the blind spot all the time. You must remember that cyclists are very unpredictable. For instance, you drive down a road and you want to follow the next left turn. You must take a closer look at the interior mirror. Then, look through the left mirror. And, you could now signal right to the left.

Now, you have passed over a cyclist. Before you make a left turn, you need to look closely into the left mirror. This will help you locate the cyclist. Since you are still not sure of the cyclist and his position, just look over your left shoulder. This will usually be found into the blind spot. This will help you know if he is really there.

If he is already there, you must put the car to a stop or slow it down. Allow the cyclist to pass through. If you want to change your direction but there are cyclists, you must check on the blind spot of the direction that you will go. This is a must before you proceed.

Other Essential Things Related to Blind Spot

Below are other essential things related to blind spot.

Blind Spot Mirrors

You may make use of extra mirrors that are attached to your existing door mirrors. These will provide you a better angle of rear and side observation. Although these mirrors cover the blind spots, you still need to make use of them as an observational aid. You must not use them just to replace the physical checks of the blind spot. This will only result to complacency while you drive. This will only end you up failing the test.

A-Pillar Blind Spots

With the car that you use, you will usually see other significant blind spots. These blind spots cause major obstructions while driving. That A-pillar blind spot will only contribute to road accidents every year. This is, of course, is associated with lack of time spent in observing.

Now, you already have learned more about driving blind spot and other relevant things about it. As you master it on completely, you will be sure of avoiding all other unexpected things, accidents and a whole lot more!

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