Five Ways to Resolve Women’s Problems in Hollywood

Women’s Problems in Hollywood

Today’s Hollywood women are facing problems. Specifically, they are underpaid, unable to come across quality roles, and are highly under-represented in leadership. Last year’s Forbes informed that only four actresses made above $20 million per movie compared to 21 other male actors.

Some people are of the view that the reason for this is that male-oriented movies are bigger box office success and make lots more money than others. However, Martha Lauzen, film professor of San Diego State University, found that the earning of a film in the form of DVD sales and box office grosses—by evaluating the international, domestic opening weekends—is dependent on the constant budget of that film, regardless of it starring a male or female protagonist.

Although it is nothing new for females and other individuals in the film-making industry, Hollywood’s gender inequality has become crystal clear in a very high profile way. An article about the gender pay difference between male and female cast members of American Hustle was published by Jennifer Lawrence, and San Diego University released a study showing that female crew members are more likely to be hired by female directors and producers than by males. The hiring of female crew is almost double in this case, which concludes that women are more likely to get hired when a female is in charge. It is also in the news that New York Times Magazine is likely to cover a story on gender inequality in Hollywood.

One thing is continuously being ignored: the crises of this industry. If people want to control the outcome, then someone may need to take initiative. But the question arises, who will do it? And how is it going to be done? Below, we provide five simple steps to improve the situation.

Making up for Bad Business Decisions with Good Communication Doesn’t Work

Discussions must be transparent, especially those regarding financial decisions. If males and females are working the same number of days, are in comparable roles, and carry equivalent star power, they must also have comparable pay. The Hollywood industry is lacking a public relations plan. If they arrange for a public pledge, then there will appear to be more opportunity for females being seen as leaders and in improved relationships with the top talent.

Supporting Existing Talent

Studios may commit to increasing the number of female directors and producers, and they must also be well resourced. The opportunity must be provided to see betterment in work as per commitment.

Creating New Talent

A paid internship program must be launched to hunt for new talent. This will target the top film schools for improving the pool of creative thinkers.

Statistical Change

Goals must be set for diversity of gender, and opportunity must be given where and when deserved and well earned. The current system, where female crew members are more likely to be hired by female supervisors, must be stopped.

Brainstorming for New Ideas

New ideas must be brainstormed for additional solutions for empowering women in Hollywood. Decision makers must come up with effective ideas as soon as possible.

The women of Hollywood are facing problems and are in great need of males in the industry to help in changing the dilemma. Here, men should see the opportunity for creative solutions in the industry as a chance to foster goodwill.

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