Four Marketing Technologies Company Should Use

There are plenty of tools and platforms on the Web that can be used for marketing, some of which may be too obvious but effective if well exploited. The most important factor to consider is capturing your target audience and offering them something that they value and make them dig further. The following are some of the technologies that can keep you one step ahead in expanding your market base.


Email marketing is the key to digital marketing. You must, however, get permission from your users to email them so as to avoid spamming of your content. Send just the valuable content suited to capture the interest of the user. It takes more than one click of a few enticing words to close a sale. Email marketing is good because it will help you stay connected with the potential customers and prospects who would like further contact from you.

Use of the Search Engine

This involves search engine optimization (SEO) to get top-notch search listings for your content and paid search ads like the Google AdWords. Most users (including B2B buyers) use the search as part of their work. So these people need to see you when they are searching for what you are selling. For the search ads, you have to optimize your keywords, put offers, direct them to the websites you want them to find your product and track the people downstream if you integrate your Google AdWords data with your Google Analytics data and CRM; so that you know not just which ads are clicked on the most but which ads lead to the most opportunities and revenue. SEO doesn’t just involve technical enhancements, but also creating high-quality content which is ranked highly by Google.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the practice of getting users who visit your website to engage them actively with tasks that you have set for them. These tasks include filling out forms so that you may end up with their email address. Statistically, 4% of people visiting an online ad fill out forms; use of conversion optimization can make it rise to 8%. Appetizing offers or marketing apps created by capable companies get conversion rates that are way higher. To more get users to your website, ensure you convert as many of them as possible.


Most users open their mail with smartphones and soon most searches shall be done through mobile. All websites should, therefore, be mobile friendly. Very few websites are (33 percent). As a designer or online marketer, ensure your site is easy to read or use on a phone. If you do not, Google fines you with lower mobile search rankings. After making your site mobile friendly, your next step is now setting up mobile search advertising and other means of mobile marketing. To make a site compatible with your smartphone, use the responsive design. That will automatically resizes the website to fit the device which is being viewed. To see if your site is responsive, it automatically resizes itself depending on the resolution of your device.

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