How Modern Shoes can Visibly Inspire your Shoe Addiction

On the lookout for the perfect shoe a woman is drawn to classic staples, as well as that certain something that she has not yet added to her shoe collection. You are looking for a shoe that offers that certain something. There is that certain kind of shoe that immediately appeals and says, ‘Buy me’. A woman with an addiction to shoes may be a mystery to a man, who does not collect shoes himself. The secret behind every alluring woman’s shoe is the ability to transform her and at once to excite a man. Look for a shoe that is great at offering this mix; a woman feels confident she is making a statement by the innovative design of the shoe while a man feels ultimately intrigued by the modern woman. A romance is born.

The Concept behind the Best Modern Shoe

Shoes today are often about the clarity of the modern concept and the innovation of dynamic design. New shoe design is all about recognizing new innovative design by international teams across the world. Shoe brands are often now sold worldwide in over 40 countries, with shoe flagship stores being in Shanghai, Paris, Milan, New York, London and Amsterdam.

Shoe Addiction 2The intriguing aspect of a modern shoe can come from many features. Bright bold detailing and the elegance of design are very modern features. Designs can be punchy and suitable for making a fashion statement on a girl’s night out when paired with an understated dress in the minimalist style.  Also, shoes should look naturally daring in any modern interior, making a girl look extra special in a bar, restaurant or hotel interior in the evening.

The Influences behind Modern Design

Look for additions to your shoe collection, instead of always buying a classic statement like a Jimmy Choo Ciggy Heel or the Christian Laboutin red sole. Some of the most interesting shoes out there intersect between design and fashion so all kinds of artists from all disciplines will be drawn to them.

How to Introduce New Shoes to your Shoe Collection

There is no point in having a shoe addiction unless you can use your shoes to make an overall strong fashion statement. Maybe girls just like the shoes and wish them to be the focus of an outfit, but were shoes really meant to be ornaments? No, they were meant to spark an idea, catch a dream or say something as part of an overall taste of an outfit. Some shoes will look great with the new look of effortless simplicity and new minimalism as advocated by this month’s Elle issue. The secret is all in the cleansing virtue of the modern design, simple, evocative and fun. The perfection of the piece becomes important.

Vintage Shoes add Spice to any Shoe Collection

Alternatively, a woman can look for vintage shoes to go with a classic black dress. The black dress can be stunning in its simplicity and elegance, so a shoe that will go with it will ultimately say the same thing. Many women are very proud of their vintage shoe collection, and so they should be. Vintage pieces are known to hold their value much longer than buying modern shoes. The internet has recently become better at selling vintage shoes once the appeal behind them was well known. In fact, this can be one of the best places to nab a vintage bargain as well as going to vintage boutiques. Some examples of fetching vintage shoes include the sexy 1940s high heels, 1930s lace up Oxfords, 1970s hippy wedges, 1960s Mary-Janes and 1980s electro flats. Mixing styles from different eras can create a very inspirational look. Vintage pieces keep their value for longer as designer pieces are often better made than modern clothing or accessories, meaning they have a longer lifetime.

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