6 Facts Everyone Should Know about UCAS Personal Statement Social Work

It is good to seek out advice prior to writing your UCAS personal statement for social work, or any other degree. To think of only 6 facts you should know is quite limited, as there are many facts you should know. As always, write your personal statement to show a bit of you in it, but also follow the advice given to you.

  1. Do not plagiarize. It is supposed to be your original work. How can they read about you, when you have taken someone else’s work and ideas? Then it is not your personal statement. Also, be careful since the statement is submitted online, the school may have a way to check to see if the work is original or not. Lastly, what if the person whose work you stole wanted to go into a different Scot of social work? Your application, personal statement and letters of recommendation would not match up. Then what?
  2. Lying is not allowed in your personal statement in social work. If you never volunteered at a care facility or interned at a retirement home, they do have a way of finding out. Your letter of recommendation would not match the places listed on your personal statement. Think twice before trying to beef it up.
  3. Applying late is not acceptable. If it is not in, then it shows that you did not care to submit in time and that there are other things that are more important. To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late and to be late is to be dead.
  4. Be clear. The admissions team want to know why. If you are unable to answer why clearly, then how can you expect to be accepted into the program? Explain, clearly and counsel why you want to go into social work. Use simple language to get your point across if necessary.
  5. Be enthusiastic. Women often write like we speak. If you are passionate about your application, then it will be reflected in your personal statement. It shows you care and you are excited to continue onto the next path in your education. Tell them why you want to study. Tell them how social work makes you feel. Enthusiasm will separate you from everyone else. Believe me.
  6. Do your research. If you think, but you do not know, then do not include it. Only write well researched facts you learned in school and facts you know about the university you are applying to. If the program is relatively new, do not make a statement that you have been dreaming of attending the program for your whole life. Not a good idea.

I hope these facts and titbits have helped you out while writing your personal statement in social work. Go over everything carefully and be sure to proofread once done writing. I am sure it will stand out when submitted.

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