Lady with The Web

The park was sunny and moderately crowded. He immediately felt better being out in the open area and loved the stunning view that the park presented. He could make out the Millennium Doom, the O2 arena, Canary Wharf, the BT Tower as he was standing on top the highest point in London. He stayed there for a while just breathing the fresh air. He missed this …. he missed being away from nature …..he lived amongst concrete walls and machine like people. “Was there anything human …..anything real in his life?” he wondered. After failing to find any answer of his question he decided to check out the Sunday market. As he fancied some carrot cake from the baker store, he bought one large piece. While chewing the cake, he walked to the arts and crafts section of the market. He was busy browsing through some table lamps made of recycled board and paper when his eyes spotted someone. And she was someone…………..very very different. She was petite with jet black hair cut short in an Audrey Hepburn-isque pixie. What actually attracted him was a tattoo right behind her ears. It was a tattoo of a spider in web. “Spider woman” he thought. “No, sexy spider woman” he corrected himself. He moved bit closer to get a better look at her. He could only see the backside of her and what a back side it was! She had a very womanly body with curves in all the right places. She was not the super-model thin type; actually she was heavier than what size was considered fit. She had thicker bottom half with a perfect round butt with rounded hips. He knew he was attracted to her. “Anyone would be attracted to her” he thought. Then suddenly she moved to the next stall. Her movement was rapid and there was a sway in her walk. “Is she a dancer?” he thought. “She can be a lot of things….”he admitted with a smirk in his face. He wondered what is wrong with him. He had not even seen her face yet and already wanted her in his arms. And then finally she turned. He noticed her face- a very unique face he had to admit. She had round face and small almond eyes with jet black iris and long eye lashes. She had upturned nose and defined lips. She did not wear much makeup…. She had lined her eyes thickly with kohl and had worn bright pink lipstick. She was not fair nor was her dark- her complexion was darker olive toned. She was wearing a dark maroon summer dress with spaghetti straps and brown sandals. It was funny that even her sandals had two spiders as embellishment. “An exotic lady who loves spiders” he thought which made him smile. He needed to get to know her.

He plucked up all the courage he could master and walked up to her. She was busy browsing a box when he went close to her. He could smell a spicy scent emitting from her which turned him on. “They have good products, don’t they?” he said with hope that it might start a conversation. She looked at him with questioning eyes. She was silent for a while and then replied with a smile “Yes, a very innovative and cost-effective way to produce decorating pieces,”. “God she knows how to talk” he thought to himself. Her eyes were checking him out this time as if trying to find what he wanted from her. Well, he would not mind her doing anything to him. Now that he was closer to her he can observe her better. He noticed the glint in her eyes, her long eye lashes and her well-defined lips which had a slightly heavier upper half. The deep V neckline of her dress showed of her small waist and shapely breasts. He concluded that overall she was a distinctive woman and quite mysterious.


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