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She broke the silence by saying “Are you going to buy anything?”. He replied “I guess so but I have not browsed all the objects yet. Have you?”. “Me neither” she replied with a smile. He felt as if she wants to give him a chance and he had all the will to take it and see where it leads. He walked beside her and they both started looking at the objects in the stalls. All he was doing was admiring her sexy body and her hair. She was not the kind of women he usually would choose- he preferred tall women with long hair. But he wanted her, he did not know why but he wanted her. There were thousand dirty things in his mind on how he wanted her. They both talked while browsing the products. He tried his best to bring the conversation to her life in order to get some idea about what kind of person she was. He told her that he worked as an Film Agent and frequently needed to travel in order to get offers from producers and film directors. “What do you do?” he asked. “Guess” she said. “Hmm she likes teasing….I like that” Alex thought. “Lets see ….. a dancer or an artist of some sort” he replied. She raised one eyebrow and replied “I am a teacher….. but you are not that wrong I teach print making at a school in Dalston.” After a lot of browsing and talking Alex bought a pen holder and she bought the jewellery box which she had browsed for a long time.

“So you did buy that box. I had seen that you browsed it as if you had dissected all its parts to decide if it’s worthy of buying or not” Alex said. “Well I like delving deeper into things and bring out their inner attributes…..I am curious as a woman” she replied. Her replies so far had blown Alex’s mind. Alex realised that although they had talked for quite a while he had not yet asked her name. “Ummmm, may I know your name?” he finally asked. “My name is Shine” she said with a lot of stress on the word S.

She told him that she had to go as she had some work and Alex shuffled inside his pockets to bring out his business card and handed it to her. She looked at his card for few seconds with her usual scanning look. “May I have your number?” he asked. She gave him her number. He walked with her towards the junction on the roads and suddenly he had an idea. “Would you like to dine with me tonight?” he blurred. She was silent for a while as if weighing pros and cons and said “When and where?”. “I can pick you up from your house if you want. I presume you live in North London.” “No that is fine. Just tell me the place and time” she replied. “In front of the Boots pharmaceuticals in Muswell Hill at 8? I know a great Italian place there.” “Okay I will see at 8 then. Good bye” she replied. He watched her sway as she walked towards the main road. “Better bring my A-game tonight. I got lucky this Sunday” Alex thought. Suddenly he realised his hangover was no longer there.

She was there at 8 when Alex went in front of the Pharmacy at Muswell Hill. She was wearing a black long maxi dress with a thigh-high slit in front. She walked towards him as she saw him waving his hand. She looked stunning as the dress was form fitting and did its best to show off her womanly curves. She was wearing that armlet which resembled a spider web. Her hair was shiny like the last time and she had worn dark red lip along with darkly lined eyes. “God she is stunning!” Alex thought. He went ahead and gave her a hug and could smell the same spicy scent that she had earlier in the day. She smiled at him and they started walking together.  Alex’s heart was bumping fast and he realised a bulge in his pants. “How can I be so turned on already?” he thought. He must be cautious tonight as he did not want to mess things up. He had to admit it would be hard as his erection was unlikely to ebb when a hot women will be sitting in front of him.


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