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They went inside the restaurant but it was awfully busy. Alex felt stupid as he should have made reservation earlier. The waiter told them to wait at the bar and once a table in cleared they could sit. “It is unlikely that we can talk here” Shine said. She had a point. They ordered two vodkas at the bar. Alex noticed Shine was different tonight. She looked very sensual and her voice has changed. She looked at him in a very seductive way and she took the olives that came with the drink out of stick one by one and popped into her mouth. She chewed them as if she is devouring something else and licked the residue off her finger. After each olive she murmured “I love olives”.  Alex could not think of anything else when Shine was doing that in front of him. How could he? He was a man after all. And his erection was killing him. All he wanted now was to take her to bed and rip her clothes off. Alex accidently spilled some of his drink on his shirt and tried to clean it with tissue paper. Shine joined in and rubbed his shirt with her fingers. Alex felt each of her strokes as if passion of fire striking him. She was extremely close to him and he decided to make a move.

He touched her lips with his lips and waited for a while to see he reaction. She did not move back nor did she kiss him back. He pressed his lips little harder. This time she took his lips in her mouth. Getting that response he started grazing her lips with his lips then with his tongue and she gave her response by welcoming each of his moves. He brought her closer by encircling her with his arms and continued ravaging her mouth. It was a war of their lips where no one wanted to give up. He plunged his tongue inside her and she touched his tongue with hers. He had no idea how long they both continued their kissing until the waiter came to inform them that there is a table available if they wanted it. The waiter was smiling meekly sensing what they both must be wanting to do. “To hell with food” thought Alex. He could think thousands of better things to do with Shine at that moment and food was the last thing that he craved. He wanted Shine to be his food. He looked at Shine and she was staring at him with intense gaze as if she wants to him to sense what she wanted.

Alex replied “Your restaurant is too busy. I think we will leave. I will pay for the drinks” Alex announced and the waiter nodded. Alex took his hands off her to find his wallet and paid for their drinks. He grabbed her waist and walked out. He noticed Shine has remained quite silent tonight and have not asked anything about where he wanted to take her. When they were out in the pavement it was around half past 9 and the being Sunday night the streets were quiet. He turned her to face him and kissed her again. She responded more fiercely this time and took control of the pace. He let her took control because all he wanted was to feel her in every way he can. It is unusual for him to feel so vulnerable to a girl whom he had just met and yet he wanted to lose himself inside her. The lava of passion she had managed to create inside him was a new experience to him. He broke this kiss to get some air and they both were breathing heavily. He moved on to kiss her cheeks, her neck and her sexy collarbone. She moaned when he kissed her neck and embraced him hardly. He lost all control and kept kissing her wherever he can. He moved to kiss her earlobes and she said “yes”. Taking her response in consideration he was sure that she was turned on as well. He blowed into her ear and she whimpered in pure passion. He slowly moved behind her ear and kissed the sensitive area where she had that gorgeous tattoo. She let him kiss her every contour of her face and neck and then kissed him deeply in his mouth. Alex asked “Do you want to go home with me?”  Shine kissed him hard and said “Take me”. Her voice had become heavier and her eyes looked darker with passion.Her confirmation made him think thousands of sexy things that he wanted to do with her tonight. “I will take her hard until we both do not have any stamina left” he thought. He took her hand and walked to the spot where he had parked his car. He opened the left door and she got in. Silence prevailed when he was driving her to his place. He was surprised that she had not asked him a single question about his sex life or relationship status. He was still trying to figure her out. She was an enigma to him, she was a completely different person compared to the girl he met that very morning at the park. “Who is that woman? A mature intelligent lady or a sex-bomb?” he kept thinking while he drove. Although everything was going the way he had hoped more or less yet he was feeling as if something was about to happen. “Well something is going to happen…. You are going to have sex!” screamed his brain.


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