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He reached his place and after parking the car came around to open the door for Shine. He noticed that she suddenly looked darn serious and did not smile at him at all. She seemed a bit worried as well. “Is she used to such sexual encounter?” thought Alex. He opened the door and let her in. She moved her eyes in 360 degree to get a proper view of his place. Alex asked her if she wanted some red wine and she replied “That will be nice, thank you”. Suddenly Alex realised that she was acting very formal with him. “Earlier she had acted as a sexual woman and now she is back being a serious lady. God women are hard to figure out!” Alex murmured in the kitchen while he uncorked the wine bottle of Bordeaux and poured in two huge wine glasses. “That should get us going” said Alex.

He walked into his living room and was surprised to see that Shine was still standing and observing everything in the room with concrete intention. She noticed that he is at the doorstep and gave him a searching look. “Are you OK?” asked Alex. “I am perfect” she said in a deeper voice. He offered her the wine glass and she took it without saying anything. Her behaving like that had left Alex awkward too. “What was she thinking? Did she feel shy or embarrassed? Did she need anything? Had she changed her mind? I hope not.” Thought Alex as he observed her drinking the wine. She drank slowly taking careful sips as if she wanted to avoid getting drunk. Alex had proper view of her body and kept imagining how her body might look without any clothes. How will her skin feel under his touch? How will she smell while he would kiss all over her body? What kind of sex she liked- hard or slow? Did she like dirty talking? Will there be any more tattoos in her body?

He had controlled his urge for a while now and could not think of anything else. Not when a seductive raven haired woman is standing in front him and both are alone in his place. He was heated and passion was running all over his blood now making his penis heavier. He put his glass on the centre table and walked to her. She did not move an inch. He took her glass away from her and returned to embrace her. He rubbed his lips on her lips and she took him inside her mouth. Slowly and provocatively they started kissing again. She put her wrapped her hand around his neck and kissed him hard. He grazed his hand all over her body while kissing her and teasing her. He wanted to please her the best way he can. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his neck and chest. He wanted to undress her and check out her sexy body. But she resisted. It seemed as if she wanted to be in control this time. He let her take control. He would let her do anything as long as she performs like this sultry Goddess.

She removed his belt and then his pants. Slowly she put her hands inside his briefs and rubbed his already hard penis. He lost all control while she was rubbing him. She got to her knees and sucked him hard. She took as much of him as she could inside her mouth and rubbed her tongue from top to bottom. The way she was performing it had to be the best blowjob he had ever got in his life. Finally he realised he could not take anymore and brought her up and kissed her. “What do you like?” he asked. She avoided his gaze and kept kissing him. She turned him to the couch and made him sit there. While he was sitting, she slowly undressed herself. She took off her dress. She was wearing lacy black lingerie inside which he thought looked stunning against her golden skin. She removed her thong and finally removed her bra. He took a good look at her body. Her body contained every essence of a woman. Her small tapered waist ended into voluptuous hips. Her perky breasts were not overtly large, they were neither small with small dark brown nipples. She had thicker thighs and hips which Alex wondered would me amazing when he would ride her.


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