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She came to him and sat on top straddling him. He rubbed her breasts in between his palms and she moaned. He sucked her nipple while rubbing her back. He loved her heavy ass under his touch. He grabbed her butt tightly and kisser her. He got lost amongst her soft body, her smell intensified by that spicy concoction she had used and her moans coming from mouth. He moved on to kiss her arms and realised she still had her armlet on. He tried to take it off but she suddenly snapped at him saying “Don’t touch that. It is not bothering you. Leave it where it belongs.” “Okay” Alex replied. He got back to caressing and touching her. He had been with fair amount of girls but none had the appeal that Shine had. Shine seemed real and raw- a complete woman. The warmth of her lower body over his penis was making him weaker with need to release. He wanted to take her to bed so he asked “Let’s go to the bedroom”. She looked at him sharply and said “No this location is fine.” He was a bit taken aback by this answer but decided not to cross her. He had got enough clues that she was a sort of women who knew what she wanted and was very straight-forward. Suddenly she grabbed his neck hard and kissed him as if she is giving him a challenge. All on a sudden their interaction became raw and animalistic. She was guiding him towards that animalistic route. Her touch, her movements and her kiss especially all spoke of her love for roughness in sex. What surprised him was that earlier in the morning he had not got any indication that she would like rough sex, he had thought she likes slow and the so called vanilla sex. What is this woman? Is all this a reality or a dream?

She guided his hands towards her vagina. She started rubbing her clitoris by herself first and then let me do it. He kept circling her mound with his finger. She moaned like a proper wanton and he loved it. Her cries and moans made his blood warm with passion and his penis yearned for release. The aroma of sex emitting from her triangle made the air around them seductive. He inserted one finger inside her and kept inserting it back and forth. She cried with pleasure and came hard. They kissed for a while and she said “Enter me”. That was he needed to hear. He rubbed his shaft to check if it’s ready and inserted into her in one smooth go. They both moaned with this intimate contact. As she was on top she had the most control and she moved back and forth with him deep inside her. There was hardly anything else that he loved compared to a woman riding her passionately. There was passion in plenty. She was a woman full of fiery energy and they both used all they could of that fuel. He realised he would come sooner. He could not help it. But he wanted to please her before e retired. He sought out her clit and rubbed it while she kept riding him. Her breathe got faster and the urgency increased. She said “I am going to come soon”. And she did come, she climaxed hard and her vagina closed off so tightly against his shaft that he moaned and climaxed in the same time. She sighed and they both were exhausted to the bits. His mind was buzzing after that awesome orgasm. All he wanted now was to sleep. After sometime they both broke apart and Shine got off the couch. She was searching for her underwear as Alex got a good view of her sexy ass. He was planning on taking her from behind the next time. “Hmm I want her again” he decided. “I have had good sex but this one had to be the best I have had so far and she is something…………….a magnetic lady” he thought as she was dressing up. Suddenly he realised they had not eaten at all. What could he do now? He might call for a home-delivery meal perhaps Chinese….exotic food after encountering an exotic lady. He asked her “Should I order some Chinese? I know a good Home-delivery Chinese restaurant in North London. You must be hungry. We did not eat anything accept few glasses of wine.” She was still struggling to put on her dress as she said “Okay”.

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