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Alex needed to go to the bathroom first so he put on his briefs and went to the bathroom. When he went back to the living room Shine was looking at one of the paintings that hung on the wall. The evidence of their recent sex was all over her. Her short hair was messy, her eye makeup smudged and her face flushed. When she realised he was watching her from distance, she turned looked at him and said “You should order the food.” He was too busy admiring her body but her words brought him back to present. “You are right. I should order some food” he replied with a smile. She nodded and went back to observing the painting. Alex went to the bedroom to use his landline phone to order the takeaway. It took him about ten minutes to finish ordering the food. Having ordered the food he returned to the living room. To his surprise Shine was standing in front of the window and he only had her back view this time. Her hair shone in the moon light and the breeze from the window was blowing the curtains and her dress. It was a view to adore as it looked like a scene out of a Hollywood fairytale based movie.

He went to her and put his arms around her waist. She turned around sharply grabbed him hard in his neck and shoved him to the floor. He was surprised by this sudden assault. How could this girl do this to him? Where did she get such strength? He fought with her as she pushed him hard on the floor and kept hitting him on the neck and chest with powerful hand movements. He tried to roll her over but failed. She was way too strong and trained for him to fight. They struggled for a while but somehow she managed to punch him hard on the nose and he knew that his nose has broken as warm blood was rushing from his nose making his t-shirt red. He could not see anything due to this paralysing pain from her punch and earlier blows. She trapped his fists under her firm grip and started speaking. “I am not a human. I am the successor of the spider clan black-widow: I kill my mates after I seduce them. Now do not blame me. I did not come to you, you came to me. You made the entire move. A black-widow has higher standards se never surrenders and never runs after anyone. She does not want anyone to disobey her or leave her. She kills her mate for this reason. She knows what she wants and she gets it.”

Alex could not believe his ears. What the hell had he done? He created his own doom. His intuition had been warning him about this danger yet he was so lust-stuck that he did not even bother to get to know her better or take more time. Shine gave him a long sharp look and brought her mouth close to his ears while still maintaining the extremely firm grip over his palms. “Good bye my mate” she whispered in her ear and bite his flesh right under his ears. Alex shouted while she kept biting that sensitive place. She had taken a larger chunk of meat from the place and he bled profusely for about five minutes. Alex started to lose the sight and felt dizzy. The last thing he saw was her face with his blood on her mouth and Shine smiling at him.

After about 5 days, the police raided his house as his co-workers informed them about his absence from the work as well as social circle. His friends and colleagues had called him several times, sent him e-mails and messages, yet no reply from him. No one could tell anything about him. Police found a dead body on the floor with a big chunk of meat missing under his ear and nose broken. Forensic department confirmed that the reason of death was bleeding from that wound and sever spider poison had been traced in the wound. There were no other sign of struggling in the house as everything was in place. They did not find any trace of any other person being there. Only there were records of takeaway Chinese for two in this address.

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