Leisure time in Ukraine for you and your family

I know that most travelers use a common idea of holidays. It is something more like home – airport – taxi – hotel – excursion (depends) – taxi – airport – home. There is nothing bad in such routine, it is stable and predictable. What else do you need while traveling with your family? I am talking about the new experience of facing true life without cardboard decoration. What do I mean? You can try a new type of holiday which is fun (definitely) experimental (can be) and challenging (no doubt). You can travel to Ukraine.

 Why should you choose Ukraine?

 Mostly because it is in Europe and has related history, architecture and culture. The majority of tourist-friendly cities of Ukraine like Lviv, Odesa, Kyiv have places that everyone would be happy to see – opera houses, museums, architectural monuments and churches. But in Ukraine there are something that can take your breath away – it’s rivers and seas, mountains and valleys.

What do you choose for your trip?

  • The Seaside with rocky or sand beaches in Black or Azov seas, valleys near Dnipro or Dniester rivers or wide mountain view near the Carpathian mountains. It depends on what your family lifestyle is. Let us start with a simple task.

 Decide what is your type of transport?

If you like 2-3 hours trip to Ukraine choose airplane with it quick and comfortable transition to Kyiv. People of romantic nature can take a boat trip on a cruise liner to Odesa. The easiest way to visit Lviv from western Europe is to take a bus.

Western Ukraine can surprise you with architectural Lviv and ancient villages near Carpathian mountains. People in this area like to cook and to treat every tourist with highlander culinary. Prepare yourself and your stomach for this tasty meeting and don’t be overwhelmed with their modesty because they can trick you to taste every of their generous table meal.

Odesa-mama is one of the colorful and corky cities in Ukraine. You can feel it’s marine breeze or listen to the sound of a tram on its streets or get a laugh at an old man’s joke. You can find yourself in it and keep your good memories for the rest of your life.

The last in our list but definitely not the least is Kyiv. It has everything you can desire: ancient and modern architecture, museums, restaurants and culture life. You have to be energetic to try its city life. This capital combines the modern style of living with a strong connection to roots and history. Try two hours walking tour through its small and hidden streets and you will love this city forever.

People of all of the cities and villages (doesn’t matter if they small or big) share one land and filled with Ukrainian heartiness. And that what makes this country worth seeing. It can bring to your life tons of new sensations and good memories. All you need is to be ready and open to a new experience. The only thing left to do is to try – travel to Ukraine!

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