Oregano, the herb of happiness

According to the ancient Greek and Roman history, Oregano was considered the herb of happiness because the word ‘Oregano’ means the delight of the mountain. It is an amazing culinary spice with bountiful of medicinal properties. The Oregano herb is a part of the mint family and a native to the Mediterranean region.

About the plant

The herb has grayish green oval leaves and pink flowers. It is widely used in the Greek cuisine as a spice. The spice leaves behind an aromatic fragrance and imparts a bitter taste to some extent in the food on which it is sprinkled. The unique and aromatic smell is due to the presence of compounds such as thymol, pinene, ocimene and limonene.

Nutrient Profile

The spice is extremely rich in vitamin K, A, C and E, calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and folate. The spice is also referred as ‘The Wild Marjoram’. The phytochemicals present is the major reason for its medicinal properties.

Health Benefits

Oregano is healthy spice, which can impart a distinct flavor to the recipe in which it is added. It offers a plethora of health benefits, some of which are mentioned in detail below.


Say goodbye to bacteria

Caracrol and thymol are the two major volatile oil present in oregano. These oils inhibit the growth of bacteria. Recent studies have revealed that the spice is a better than medicine for curing giardia.

Action: Oregano tastes awesome with Maggie, pasta and pizza. Therefore, next time you eat any of the above ensure to sprinkle the space to enhance the taste and increase the nutrient content of the food you are eating. Once you like the taste of oregano, you are bound to use it almost every recipe you cook.

Antioxidant punch

It contains thymol and rosmarinic acid, which can easily protect the damage of the cell structure caused due to excessive oxygen supply to the whole body. It can also be used as a potent protective for diseases such as osteoporosis.

Action: It is a must for every person who are nearing their sixties or have old people in their homes. Adding oregano to your recipes will not only enhance your food, but will also assist in a healthy life.

Cancer Fighting Properties

The medicinal properties of the spice inhibit the growth of cancer causing tumor. The fiber present in the spice binds the bile salts and cancer causing toxins. The level of risk of colon cancer is reduced if it is consumed regularly.

Action:Eating the spice regularly helps in reducing the colon cancer. Consume it regularly to build a protective covering for your body.

Other Benefits

It is used to relieve the menstrual cramps, when suffering from such cramps, it is best to chew a few leaves of oregano spice to relief from the pain. You can drink a glass of water along with chewing the leaves to further alleviate the pain and soothe the stomach. It also aids in stomach digestion.

Action: Menstrual cramps are faced by women across the globe. Therefore, it is an essential component in the kitchen of a women.

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