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Last Update: 10/13/2017

  • Barry Smith: design
  • Ogbonmwan O: Review Writing

Completed all primary Design of
(2nd Payment)
Total = $52 (with Paypal Transfer fees)

Review Writing, Quantity = 5, Words = 1000+ per article = $60

This is my PayPal Personal link to Pay me for any Goods or Service. You can also go there and Paid your amount.

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Note: Don’t Get Confused with the Name “MIZANUR RAHMAN”. It is my Elder Brother’s account and we use it in joint venture for all purpose.

Payment received (Last 30 Days):

Barry Smith: $93.80

Barry Smith: $67.74

Barry Smith: $73

Sushant Pal: $134

Barry Smith: $97

Sumonto Aslam: $159