Thai Massage – Special Care In Stress

What Differs Thai Massage From a Typical Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing system that incorporates spiritual discipline through the Buddhist practices of breath awareness (mindfulness) and focused compassion (loving kindness). It also combines with acupressure, Ayurveda, stimulation and influence of energy lines called ‘Sen’, and assisted yoga postures. In Thai language it is called ‘nuad’ or ‘nuad boran’ and has totally different properties to western massage therapies.

Traditional Thai massage does not use oils or lotions. So that the recipient can remain clothed during the treatment. However, constant body contact exists between the practitioner and client.  Rather than just rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked by the practitioner in order to clear ‘energy blockages’ and relieve tension.

For this process, the therapist uses palms, thumbs, knees, forearms, elbows, and feet to create a series of movements on the body. This process will open your joints, stretch your muscles and tendons, and believe that the internal organs are tuned, and energy throughout the body is balanced. You can expect deep relaxation, physical and mental comfort and rejuvenation with a full bode Thai massage.

Is Thai Massage Painful?

Thai massage is revitalizing your body. Unlike the western styles of massage, Thai massage is considered as painful, but an experiences and licensed massage therapist frequently take your feedback and adjust the amount of pressure and stretching.

When applying pressure in order to smoothen muscle fiber adhesions (or “muscle knots”) could hurt you. But you must understand that there is a clear difference between that type of discomfort and a pain due to stretching and inappropriate or excessive pressure. It may be difficult for a Thai massage therapist to avoid such minute discomfort when targeting so called muscle knots.  However, a qualified and licensed therapist will adjust the massaging pressure and movements to bring down any discomfort you may feel.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

It is often used to relieve from stress and stress-related health issues. It is also believed to be an energy booster and improver of motion and flexibility. In addition to that, Thai massage is explored as a treatment for the following health issues as well:

  • Tension headaches
  • Imbalance
  • Chronic nonspecific and Sub-acute back pain)
  • Muscle spasticity

Possible Side Effects

Thai massage may not be safe for someone with health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, disk herniation, just after a surgery, or osteoporosis. Still if you are looking for a Thai massage, please check with your doctor and get his advice. Specially, pregnant women should strictly seek a doctor’s advice.

Massage should not be done over inflamed, bruised or weak skin, and if there is unhealed or open wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, recent fractures or skin rash.

What to Know Before Your Appointment

You will be asked to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the massage.

​A typical Thai massage takes 60 minutes to 2 hours’ time.

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