7 Best Times To Be In Bangkok With Your Kids

Holidays with kids are an amazing time of the life, because before you realize your kids are going to grow up to be “too old to go on family trips” as they will have their own lives and activities and will no longer want to be with parents on vacations. If you have kids then take them to Bangkok. Now, you must be wondering why would we say so?

Bangkok is a city full of charms; it will never fail to amaze you or your kids. The ever-energetic street life of this never-sleeping city will fill your family up with energy. Whether your spouse wants to shop or your son wants to taste new foods, you want to experience the night life or your daughter wants to buy cheap street-items, Bangkok will always have plenty of reasons to keep everyone addicted to it.

When to visit Bangkok with family?

When traveling with family, there are a number of considerations that come to your mind before going on an international vacation. You need to look at your remaining holidays, kids’ school vacations, the weather, flight rates and many things; but the best thing about Bangkok is that you can travel to this city anytime of the year and it will be equally amazing.

Traveling to Bangkok With Kids During Festivals

You may be wondering if traveling to a totally new place with your kids during a festival season is a good idea or not. No doubt, every culture is different and not everyone will appreciate the different (at times odd) ways people celebrate their events. Local people of Thailand take their festivities very seriously, and the height of excitement and celebration comes to peak when it is in Bangkok. Everyone is so busy in festivities that your kids will hardly be able to forget this family vacation in Bangkok for the rest of their lives.

If you have made up your mind regarding spending your vacations in this superb and lively city, then let us guide you regarding the best times of the year when you and your family will make the best memories during the well-celebrated festivals of Bangkok:

National Children’s Day

What better event than Children’s Day to celebrate with kids abroad? Different kinds of special activities and functions are held for children throughout the country. Take your children to Bangkok on National Children’s Day on the coming year and let them learn from the activities that local children indulge in while they also get to avail price cuts, free rides and unlimited recreational activities.

Songkran Festival

If you want to experience a real Thailand-style festive occasion then Sognkran Festival is the right choice for you. The children will enjoy this occasion as the streets are flooded with people who indulge in water fights with each other. It might seem a bit boring, but once your kids and family will be inside the crowd enjoying the light-hearted water competition then they will never want to come out of it.

Red Cross Fair

Another special attraction that will definitely draw families with kids to Bangkok is the Red Cross Fair. The good thing is that you can catch up with this lively event two times within a year; so be on the check-out for the next one coming ahead of you. The real colors of carnival games, funfair rides and traditional food stalls come to life in Bangkok on this event.

Chinese New Year

If you happen to be in Bangkok in February with your kids then do not miss out the Chinese New Year celebration held at Bangkok Chinatown where colorful celebrations and Chinese style dress-up shows take place around this time of the year. There will be firecrackers, load of color everywhere, Chinese people and of course how can new year celebrations be complete without dragon dancers.

Royal Barge Procession

Although this may not seem very interesting for families with young kids, but it is an experience that you shouldn’t miss if you happen to be in Bangkok around November. The riverside will showcase a flood of colors and celebrations will be in air. This is a perfect photo-op because of the lively colors and the scenic view.

Loy Krathong

Your kids must be fascinated with the flying lanterns in the animation movie Tangled, but if you want to see this happening in real life, then come to Bangkok with your kids in November. Lit candles (locally known as Krathongs) are floated down all the rivers on a full-moon’s night. The locals take part in this event wholeheartedly and the celebration is worth-enjoying.

Bangkok’s New Year

Well, most of us are in our home country on New Year’s night but if you want to make it special for your kids this year, then join the carnival of fun at Bangkok with their well-celebrated New Year countdown. It will be a memorable New Year celebration which they are bound to remember on every new year.

So, give your kids a chance to thank you for an awesome family vacation and take them to Bangkok on any of the mentioned Thailand events.

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