Best longboard wheels 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best longboard wheels that suits your style can be really tricky. Maybe you want something that will last longer, be smoother on any bulky road or have complete control over it during twists, turns and slides. Though they are generally made of the same material which is polyurethane but they all have different shapes and sizes.

There are three things you should be looking for when you want to buy longboard wheels; size, shape and durability. You should go for the wheels whose size and shape goes perfectly with your longboard. If the size and shape doesn’t go with your longboard than you’re not going to have the result you wanted. On the other hand, durability is most wanted by riders all over the world. You should have a reliable wheel that can go through any king of rough situations like a bumpy or rocky road. Softness of the wheels also should be considered as soft wheels tend to have smoother rides.

There is just so much variety of wheels out there for you that you just get confused about which one to pick. Don’t worry; you’re going to find out soon enough.

Best longboard wheels 2017

OrangatangKegel 80mm

OrangatangKegel is one of the best longboard wheels out there. Its gives you that extra speed, durability and control over your longboards. They come in two sizes 80mm and 56mm. Both of sizes have unique feature and design. The 80mmkegal runs faster and smoother. On the other hand, 56mm gives you balance and control over your slides. These wheels have a square lip profile that prevents sliding out giving an overall grip. They run way smoother even if the road has bumps and cracks. The core is made of heat resistance and high strength materials that provide the extra speed and momentum.


  • Provides better control and speed.
  • High durability.
  • Compatible with 40 inch or longer boards.
  • Extremely smoother ride even with bumps and cracks.
  • Great for downhill.


  • Too big. Have to use with caution to avoid wheel bites.
  • Gets chipped but it’s rare.
  • Doesn’t have color variety.

Shark Wheel Sidewinder 70mm

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Shark wheels may seem a bit odd as they have a different shape than usual longboard wheels. The shape comes from the combination of a sphere and cube. You may think that they are not that good because of their shape. But believe me they are one of the best ones. They provide more speed than normal wheels and can be used in any weather. You’ll be amazed to see their durability even after using on daily basis. For their unique design they get a lot of attention which is going to boost your performance.


  • It’s a lot faster than average wheels.
  • Very high durability.
  • Has better grip and control during sliding.
  • Can be used in any weather.
  • Great for downhill.



  • Expensive
  • Not so popular design.
  • Have claims that it doesn’t last that much long as advertised.

Big Boy Rebound Wheels 60mm

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This company has a well-known popularity for offering bearings with their wheels without any extra cost. They have a set of four wheels of 60mm, with additional bearings. The combination of bearings and wheels are the best combo you’re going to ever get in the market. These are mainly used for simple cruising but can handle any roadblocks. As they are quite wide they provide with greater balance. They also come in a very low cost and go with almost every longboard. The bearings they provide for free come in 2 colors. If you want a very cheap set of wheels for unprofessional cruising then big boy wheels are your best option.


  • They are durable.
  • Comes with free bearings.
  • More suitable for cruising as they have soft wheels.


  • Bearings are free but don’t have good quality.
  • Wheels are rather small than average.
  • They are also narrow.

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Wheels70mm

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These longboard wheels kind of look likes pool balls for their unique design. The butterball wheels come in 70 mm with a really strong core and soft outer surface. Their durometer rating is 80a. For their unique soft feature they give excellent smooth like experience. They have maintained their wheels name. When you’ll be riding with one of these you’re going to have a buttery smooth ride with great acceleration. Though there have been some complains that during riding they sound really loud and don’t last that long. They also don’t come with bearings so you have to buy them separately. These are pretty good for beginners who are just starting to learn to ride longboards.


  • Extra soft smooth riding.
  • Best for sliding
  • Designer wheels
  • Best for Beginners


  • Doesn’t last that long. Low durability.
  • Makes loud noises in rocky or bumpy or cracked road.
  • Medium stability.
  • Doesn’t include bearings.

Tiger Boards Wheels 78mm

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These wheels are made only for standing out. They come in a set of 4 and they don’t include bearings. They are too soft, so you should avoid sliding with these longboard wheels. But they are well suited for cruising. They have quite the grip so you won’t feel like falling off on rocky and bumpy roads. The wheels are extremely large in size, so they last longer even after using on a daily basis. They are not best suited for longboard tricks, better if you avoid them. If want wheels on budget then this one is probably the right one for you. They also come in different colors and designs.


  • Extremely large size.
  • Good quality wheels
  • Smooth ride with good grip
  • More suitable for cruising as they have soft wheels.
  • Available in different color and design.


  • Doesn’t include bearings.
  • Tends to get wheel bites.
  • Not best for tricks and slides.

Wonnv LED Light Up Wheels 60mm

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Want longboard wheels to glow when riding? Then Wonnv LED Light up Wheels is the right choice for you. Whenever you are riding with these they will light up. They don’t run on batteries but use magnetic induction to power them. The energy from your riding motion causes magnetic induction and it makes the LED glow bright. They are soft with a rating of 78a, which makes it easier to run on rough surfaces. Riding them at nighttime is so fun and cool. They come with free bearings. It’s also cheaper than most of the longboard wheels.  They provide quality performance with a lot attention towards your longboard.


  • Glows really bright.
  • Good quality bearings.
  • Smooth ride.
  • Doesn’t require batteries.
  • Available in different colors.


  • Speed is a bit slower than average.
  • LEDs don’t have a good quality.
  • LEDs durability is not good.
  • Wheels are small.

Everland Longboard Wheels 65mm

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Everland longboard wheels are one of the reliable longboard wheels out there. They come as a set of four. They are long lasting in any type of surface. You can ride with style on any rocky or cracked road. They have so many different colors to choose from. Combined with bones red bearings they are the perfect package. These come at a size of 65mm with an average speed. You might not get the extreme fast or buttery smooth ride from these. Their price is also cheap, but they maintained the quality. The things that they most offer are durability and style. If you want a quality budget wheel than maybe you should try these.


  • Lots of color variety.
  • Softer and wider wheels.
  • Stable ride.
  • Low cost with good quality.


  • Doesn’t have high speed.
  • Doesn’t last that long as they claim.
  • Have to buy bearings separately.
  • They tend to get dirty easily.

Magneto Sliderz Longboard Wheels 70mm

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Sliderz wheels have a long lasting life and effective shape to be used in any kind of surface. Thanks to their size they can be used in both longboards and skateboards. They are built to handle any kind of sliding done by the long boarders. The company claims that their wheels can slide really smooth without the risk of falling off. These wheels have excellent grip and stability that helps the riders in acceleration. You may think that with such high promises they must come with a high price. But you’ll be surprised to know that they have quite the reasonable price. There are many other wheels that cost twice the money than sliders but provide the same features. You can try them if you want quality wheels at a reasonable price.


  • Works in different environment.
  • Excellent for sliding tricks.
  • Ensures control and grip.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Doesn’t come strong ground; break them in for using.

Ricta Clouds White Wheels 57mm

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These come from a soft wheels family brought to you by Ricta clouds. They are well known for their ultra-smooth ride on any rough surface. They are made of soft urethane with a rating of 78a and a solid core with a rating of 78d. They are a bit heavy even though they are softer than most of the wheels. With extra grip and good acceleration it’s nearly impossible to fall of even on bumpy roads. These are mainly made for cruising, better if you don’t use them for any tricks. But if you try you can pull off ollies. They are meant for enjoying cruising with average speed and control.


  • Fast speed and smoother ride.
  • Best for cruising.
  • Can roll over any surfaces.
  • Better control and balance.


  • Not meant for flashy tricks.
  • Weighs a little heavier than average wheels.

Blood Orange Pro Longboard Wheels 65mm

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This 65mm wheels are made for slide jams. With super sugary rides and thane marks on the street, these babies can give you the ultimate smooth ride experience. Though they may wear out fast compared to other wheels. They have an easy eye oval shape with a width of 43.25mm. They are easily controllable and have good speed. They are more meant for experienced rather than the newly riders. They are available with lots of colors and textures also. If you’re thinking about pricing then don’t worry as they have a very reasonable price. If you are looking for sugary slides with more control then you should consider buying these.


  • Different color variety and textures.
  • Sugary smooth slides.
  • Better control and speed.


  • Not meant for beginners.
  • There width is really small.
  • Skate Park is more suitable for these than streets.

Using your longboard on a daily basis? Buy wheels strong enough to support you. People use their longboards for cruising or for doing tricks and slides at skate parks. The best thing to do here is to match up your needs with your longboard wheels. Finding the perfect match for your longboard can be tough. Not all of them have all the specifications perfectly, there’s always a flaw. But there are also some unique features in all of them.

The best shapes for your longboard wheels are oval and wide. This shape contributes to keeping you steady on your longboard when you’re pulling a risky stunt. But all longboard wheels aren’t meant for only stunt. There are a lots of flashy, eye catching wheels that would give you a lot of attention. Nevertheless, Cruising wheels are also a good source for the new comers. If you’re looking for cheap wheels we have them too but they may not have the quality that you’re looking for. The best thing to do here is spend a little and have quality product that’s going to satisfy all your needs.

In 2017, the most leading longboard wheels brand is Orangatang. They have wheels that are soft, smoother, steadier and faster than any other longboard wheels. Their durability is also high. Next comes the shark wheels with unique design that can be used in any weather or rough surfaces. They can look a bit odd but they sure provide good quality wheels. No matter what type of wheels you are looking for you can find them on the list of top ten.

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