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With a heavy head Alex woke up this morning. “Must be the result of last night’s drinking” he murmured as he shoved his duvet aside and walked to the bathroom. He spent more time than usual in the shower and used quite warm water with hope that the ache in his muscles will ease. “Must be the result of too much dancing” he thought. Alex knew the too much party and drinking lifestyle is not doing him any favour, still he went to the parties, drank, danced and occasionally had sex with the girls he met at the bar. Once he had thought that such life would give him pleasure as he did not have to take any responsibility and he can have as much fun as he wanted. He could not lie that he did not have any expectation from such lifestyle. He wanted happiness but did he really get it? “No” he spoke loudly in the shower. He knew he is a coward. He never managed to actually face himself in the mirror and fight his inner demons. He just did what his friends and colleagues did. He simply went with the flow. And he is still flowing.

He finished showering and get out of the bathroom with a towel draped in his lower body. The hangover still hung there and that pissed him off. “What a morning!” he thought “A massive hangover with body ache. Nice!”  After quickly dressing in a casual Capri and Topshop t-shirt he got out of his apartment. He lived in one of the busiest places in North London called Wood Green. He liked the area because it had all the amenities one can think of – cinema, shopping mall, supermarkets, gym, restaurants, etc. He wanted to lose himself amongst the crowd with hope that he might find some relief from the emptiness he feels deep inside. “What should I do today?” he asked himself while walking towards the tube station. Being Sunday afternoon the streets were bussing with people. Some were busy selling their products in the street market beside the co-operative bank , some were busy preaching the teachings of Jesus or Allah, couples were busy making out in public as if there is no tomorrow, singles were browsing shops and  families were out to do their weekly shopping. One Black guy was spreading leaflets and gave one to him. He politely took it considering that he would probably toss in the dustbin on his way to the restaurant. For some odd reason he wanted to read the leaflet. “A Sunday Market at the Famous Alexandra Palace Park Showcasing Local Produce and Crafts” read the headline. It has been ages he went to the park although it was only 20 minutes walk from where he lived. “OK, I will go to the park today and check out the market. It will be a good way to pass my Sunday and maybe will help get rid of the hangover” Alex decided. But first he needed a good cup of Cuppachino as he was extremely thirsty. He walked to the Costa coffee shop next to the tube station and bought a large Cuppachino takeaway and started walking towards the park.

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LED Lighting Systems to review Fri, 26 Jun 2020 20:14:50 +0000 We aquaristsdo love our pets. But do we know what is best for them? When it comes to the aquarium, the perfect LED lighting system makes a lot of difference. Choosing the perfect one can be difficult. There are just so many varieties of lighting systems out there. For choosing the best one, you have …

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We aquaristsdo love our pets. But do we know what is best for them? When it comes to the aquarium, the perfect LED lighting system makes a lot of difference. Choosing the perfect one can be difficult. There are just so many varieties of lighting systems out there. For choosing the best one, you have to know a little bit about them. Firstly you have to consider the size of your aquarium along with the types of plants in it. Then you have to choose from the various colors and intensity that best suits your pets. Oh! And don’t forget the budget.

  1. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Fully Automated Aquarium LED, Controller:
[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B00U0HMWLI” locale=”US” tag=”majsis200200-20″]

These LEDs are one of the best so far. The best feature of this aquarium LED is that it is entirelyautomated comes with a remote control. It has the ability to sense the temperature of the aquarium. It can also find out the plant’s growth. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about these things? This unique lighting system will monitor these on its own and can be in automated mode to save you from the worries.

You will also be able to customize the features according to your aquarium. It can be customized from dim lighting to bright one. There are four colors available; White,green, blue and red. As they have a decent price, it can be one of your best options.


  • Has a LED temperature of 7000k which is perfect for the plants.
  • Has a remote control feature.
  • Automated; hands-free feature.
  • Moonlighting for nighttime viewing
  • looks slick on top of the aquarium.
  • Price in buying range; not more than 100$.


  • Makes hum noise on some spectrums.
  • Remote may have issues.
  • Lights are not made for custom size aquarium. They are compatible with standard sizes.
  1. Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights, Cliplight:

These Led lights are made for the big aquariums. The LED bulbs are angled at 120 degrees, which cover almost any big sized aquarium. The slick and slim look is a plus point too. It can last up to forty thousand hours of continuous lighting. It also has a circuit board built with aluminum that helps in cooling the light bulbs for a long lasting life.

The intensity of the light is a bit dim as it runs on low power. They are merely designed to help in marine growth. The fixture has an evenly spaced bulb arrangement which helpsto boost the growth of plants. There are varieties of color spectrum to choose from. A unique feature called moonlight makes the perfect lighting system for your aquarium at night. This feature has a separate switch for turning on. However, it’s a bit expensive than most of the aquarium lights.


  • 48 “LEDs are uni-body, ultra slim.
  • Daylight and Moonlight
  • A variety of color to choose from.
  • Compatible with thebig sized aquarium.
  • Durable LED bulbs.


  • Uses very low power; 35.6 watts. Light intensity is low.
  • Medium priced. About 159.65$. A bit of a budget killer.
  • Moonlight feature is useful for looks only. Not best suited for marine growth.

  1. VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control 165W LED Aquarium Light Dimmable Full Spectrum for Coral Reef Grow Fish Tank:
[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B00UMXAR5S” locale=”US” tag=”majsis200200-20″]

VIPARSPECTRA comes with a full spectrum lighting system. They have a unique design that is best suited for the growth of theaqua plant and coral reefs. The colored light bulbs are in a criss-cross design within the white ones. They claim that this unique feature helps to boost the growth of the reef corals. It also makes them vibrant.

A different light wave of the lighting system makes it suitable for coral reef aquariums. The light bulbs are programmable. It has a unique built in timer feature that lets you customize the bulbs. You can customize the color, intensity and not worry about later. It will automatically change as you program it.


  • Timers system for controlling two channels.
  • Remote control feature.
  • Single power code.
  • Full-color spectrum to help the corals.
  • Has a ninety-degree lens that can penetrate deep into thewater.
  • Hanging kit is adjustable.


  • Sunrise, sunset, and moonlight cannot be programmed.
  • Can’t use as daisy chained.
  • Limited mode setting.
  • Price is a bit high; about $149.00.
  1. KOVAL 156 LED Aquarium Light with Extendable Brackets:
[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B00OY7OQAA” locale=”US” tag=”majsis200200-20″]

KOVAL has brought a different type of lighting system. The fixture of these are narrower and longer than most of the lighting systems. This kind of design allows it to fit on any form of aquarium. They also come with extendable brackets so that it works with any size of aquarium.

They have a very powerful light effect which covers most of the aquarium. The LED light bulbs used in it are low energy bulbs though they are highly efficient. It saves quite a bit of your money.

The fixture has a full colored spectrum light that goes with any kind of aqua plants, coral reefs, and fish. Though they have only three modes: all color lights on mode, only blue LEDs on mode and all LEDs off mode. All LEDs on modesomewhat act as daylight mode, and Blue LEDs mode acts as moonlight mood.


  • Full spectrum LEDs with five
  • Extendable bracket.
  • Very high-quality Lasts up to 50,000 hours.
  • Low energy saves cost.
  • Low cost; about $74.95.


  • Have only three modes.
  • Doesn’t have timer system.
  1. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Light Plus Pro for Aquarium:
[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B00C7OTIV4″ locale=”US” tag=”majsis200200-20″]

Current USA is therenowned brand for LED lighting system. They brought a full spectrum fixture for freshwater aquariums. With stunning color rendition and their light penetration property, they are the best choice for aquarium lighting. They have a controllable light function which makes it easier to customize. The LEDs can maintain a temperature of 6500k which helps the planted aquarium.

They are integrated with a twenty-four-hour timer system which ensures a sunrise and sunset mode. There are also other lighting effects like thunderstorm, lighting, cloud, moonlight, etc. The six dynamic lighting features help to ensure these results. The customized lighting pattern can even be stored in the memory. Though they are a bit pricy but if you are looking for the best freshwater lighting system, then I would recommend this one.


  • It has a huge array of functionality
  • The brand is well known.
  • Lighting is bright. Best for planted aquarium.
  • Long lasting LEDs.
  • LEDs cover almost all the parts of theaquarium.
  • Has a LED Temperature of 6500k which helps in growing aqua plants.


  • Is a bit expensive; about $170.95.
  • Most of the effects might be only for show.
  • Doesn’t have hanging mounts.

Some of you may think lighting system is not necessary for your precious aquarium. But it is one of the essential parts of the aquarium.

Present days LED aquarium has a lot to offers than earlier days. All the designs and technologies are used to create the best environment for the marine life. There are many different kinds of lights out there for you. Every aquarium lighting system has aunique feature. It’s up to you to choose the right one.

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When should you upgrade your car? Fri, 26 Jun 2020 20:09:50 +0000 You’ve been using your car for a while now, and you’re starting to think about an upgrade of your vehicle. There are a few things that needs to be considered first such as: When will you sell the car?,where are you going to sell the car,will you part-exchange it and how much as you willing …

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You’ve been using your car for a while now, and you’re starting to think about an upgrade of your vehicle. There are a few things that needs to be considered first such as: When will you sell the car?,where are you going to sell the car,will you part-exchange it and how much as you willing to sell the car.Fortunately, this article has been written with the aim of helping you to answer all the questions just listed above as we always advise people to always upgrade their car everyday.

How often should I get my car upgraded?

Interestingly, the normal duration people have their cars for has changed remarkably over the past few years. Not too long ago, the normal duration someone would keep their car for four years but it has recently risen to around six years. Most companies, however, still  keep for three years. A recent study also observed that consumers are now planning on keeping their cars for ten years or even more. So, the average time in which people keep their cars has changed a little bit in recent years. In our experience, many of our customers choose to upgrade every two to three years.

However, you should upgrade your car when it starts costing you a lot of money for maintenance.

Upgrading your car might also be a good idea if your status changes. For example; if you’re planning to start a family but own a sports car, you might want to consider upgrading to something more family friendly. Or, you might be relocating to a further distance away from your work so upgrading to a diesel engine is a good idea.

Basically you should upgrade your car if it regularly costs you a lot of money to maintain or is not going to be good enough for your situation.

What time of the year is it best to sell my current car?

Frankly, you can sell your car at pretty much any time of the year. However, there are some cars that will sell better during specific times. For example; your sporty convertible will sell for a higher premium if you choose to sell it at the beginning of the summer. However, if  you have a four wheel drive,that will sell best when the weather is getting a little bit worse. So, it all depends on what car you own at the end of the day.But ultimately, it doesn’t matter too much.

What affects the resale price of a car?

When you are determining the resale price of your car, you will have to put decline into consideration. Cars suffer decline as soon as you drive your car out of the forecourt. They decline their fastest in the first year to eighteen months. After that period, it stabilizes.

If you travel longer distances frequently or perhaps you don’t service your car frequently, this causes the car to suffer decline at a faster rate. And, the number of  years you have used your car will determine the degree in the loss of value, and also affect the resale value. Eventually, your car will still suffer decline one way or the other. Come what may how old, or young, it is and how well you have managed it. This will very much affect the resale price.

Which of these are best applicable when selling your car?

Selling privately or part-exchange?

When you want to resell your car, you have two options;

You may want to sell it privately, or you can part-exchange it. If you sell it privately, the money you acquire is yours to keep. If you part-exchange it, you will use the amount you sold your old car to help fund the new car you want to acquire.It is a decision totally up to you pertaining to the option that best suits you.

Which is best between selling through a broker or a dealership or online

You can either sell your car online yourself, online through a website such as webuyanycar, or through a broker or dealership but which is more suitable for you?

I would suggest getting your car valued at webuyanycar before doing anything. Webuyanycar is a renowned website with one of the easiest guides on how much your car is worth. We have seen several examples of customers who have been paid way too much. We’ve also seen examples where the bid has been way under but nonetheless , it’s a fantastic  place to start. However, you are not necessarily going to get the best deal by going through similar websites. If you want to sell your car online, I would advice selling it privately. There are advantages and disadvantages to selling your car online. When you sell your car on a website such as webuyanycar, the whole thing can be done within a 24 hour period with the money in your bank straight away. However, if you sell on a website such as Autotrader or Gumtree, it can take weeks or even longer. So, it greatly depends on where you choose to sell your car.

What about a dealership?

For instance,  you want £5K for your car. But, it’s worth is only £3K. A dealership will give you £5K for it, but they will make up the difference (£2K) by taking it out of the discount on your next car but if you go through an independent trader then you will be able to keep the top discounts without deviating from your price.

It is also better to part-exchange with a vehicle broker. A broker has access to several more traders. Therefore, you can get the best part-exchange value but it should be noted that not all brokers will offer this. Only established and reputable brokers tend to do part-exchanges. For more information on what to look for in a vehicle broker read our article.

In summary, you should start considering upgrade your car if you are constantly spending a lot of money  to keep the car running. How you sell it, however, is totally up to you. It’s your choice whether you sell it privately or part-exchange it through a vehicle broker. I would recommend doing a comparison to see which one will be the best deal for you.

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Oregano, the herb of happiness Fri, 26 Jun 2020 20:04:50 +0000 According to the ancient Greek and Roman history, Oregano was considered the herb of happiness because the word ‘Oregano’ means the delight of the mountain. It is an amazing culinary spice with bountiful of medicinal properties. The Oregano herb is a part of the mint family and a native to the Mediterranean region. About the …

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According to the ancient Greek and Roman history, Oregano was considered the herb of happiness because the word ‘Oregano’ means the delight of the mountain. It is an amazing culinary spice with bountiful of medicinal properties. The Oregano herb is a part of the mint family and a native to the Mediterranean region.

About the plant

The herb has grayish green oval leaves and pink flowers. It is widely used in the Greek cuisine as a spice. The spice leaves behind an aromatic fragrance and imparts a bitter taste to some extent in the food on which it is sprinkled. The unique and aromatic smell is due to the presence of compounds such as thymol, pinene, ocimene and limonene.

Nutrient Profile

The spice is extremely rich in vitamin K, A, C and E, calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and folate. The spice is also referred as ‘The Wild Marjoram’. The phytochemicals present is the major reason for its medicinal properties.

Health Benefits

Oregano is healthy spice, which can impart a distinct flavor to the recipe in which it is added. It offers a plethora of health benefits, some of which are mentioned in detail below.


Say goodbye to bacteria

Caracrol and thymol are the two major volatile oil present in oregano. These oils inhibit the growth of bacteria. Recent studies have revealed that the spice is a better than medicine for curing giardia.

Action: Oregano tastes awesome with Maggie, pasta and pizza. Therefore, next time you eat any of the above ensure to sprinkle the space to enhance the taste and increase the nutrient content of the food you are eating. Once you like the taste of oregano, you are bound to use it almost every recipe you cook.

Antioxidant punch

It contains thymol and rosmarinic acid, which can easily protect the damage of the cell structure caused due to excessive oxygen supply to the whole body. It can also be used as a potent protective for diseases such as osteoporosis.

Action: It is a must for every person who are nearing their sixties or have old people in their homes. Adding oregano to your recipes will not only enhance your food, but will also assist in a healthy life.

Cancer Fighting Properties

The medicinal properties of the spice inhibit the growth of cancer causing tumor. The fiber present in the spice binds the bile salts and cancer causing toxins. The level of risk of colon cancer is reduced if it is consumed regularly.

Action:Eating the spice regularly helps in reducing the colon cancer. Consume it regularly to build a protective covering for your body.

Other Benefits

It is used to relieve the menstrual cramps, when suffering from such cramps, it is best to chew a few leaves of oregano spice to relief from the pain. You can drink a glass of water along with chewing the leaves to further alleviate the pain and soothe the stomach. It also aids in stomach digestion.

Action: Menstrual cramps are faced by women across the globe. Therefore, it is an essential component in the kitchen of a women.

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What to Know About Jewelry Investment? Some Factors to Consider Fri, 26 Jun 2020 19:59:50 +0000 If you plan to invest in jewelry, then it’s best that you should know the essential facts associated with jewelry investment. So, read this article to learn things about jewelry investment.  So, do you think that buying a piece of jewelry is considered to be a good investment? Well, it depends. There could be some …

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If you plan to invest in jewelry, then it’s best that you should know the essential facts associated with jewelry investment. So, read this article to learn things about jewelry investment. 

So, do you think that buying a piece of jewelry is considered to be a good investment? Well, it depends. There could be some factors that must be considered before starting. And the most important rule is that you should never pay retail once you plan to use your jewelry as an investment. Why? Well, you just let someone else pay the markup and purchase second hand jewelry. This is considered as one among the many tricks once investing into fine jewelry. 

However, there are other factors that you should keep in mind. These are as follows:

Choose items which would hold their value. 

What does this mean? Well, trendy jewelry or stylish options could be hot now, and most retailers might be able to sell it at a premium. However, would they be worth anything numbers of years from now? You might be making a risky purchase once you decide to invest unless the item contains high-quality diamonds, other valuable stones or comes from a top designer. 

Research first before investing. 

Most people believed that there is no risk once investing in gold jewelry. But, the sad truth is that most would pay far too much for those items which simply will not hold their value or for those items which would bring only a little profit once resale. 

Once you are attracted to a particular piece of jewelry, and you are tempted to buy it, you should do some research first before committing. Consider the following factors:

  • Gold or other metals? Indeed, all precious metals are known to be valuable, but gold might hold its value better compared to other metals. It is advised that you look for pieces that are made with 14-karat gold or even higher. 
  • The quality of diamond matters. Diamonds over one carat would perform better compared to smaller stones. However, it is also true that some other factors such as color, clarity and cut matter. The classic shapes tend to hold value better than the popular ones. 
  • Do you like the item? Jewelry could be enjoyed between the selling and buying phase. There is actually no reason to keep everything locked away. If the item isn’t prone to any damage, you should wear it occasionally. 
  • Contemporary or vintage? Contemporary jewelry is considered to be a not so good investment unless it is regarded as a limited edition item. On the other hand, vintage jewelry, mainly the designer pieces could be a good investment. But, you should confirm that all the diamonds are authentic, and the settings are in good condition too. You should also ensure that the items come with documentation and should be made with quality materials. 

Keep emotional distance at least. 

Yes, we all know that jewelry is beautiful. And this fact sometimes prevents individuals from doing due diligence once making purchases. You shouldn’t let your emotions get the best of you. Instead, take a bit of time to do your homework and make sure that you aren’t making a weak kind of investment. Remind yourself that you have plenty of options out there. 

Know where to sell the items. 

Nowadays, many would consider the online world as the best place to sell jewelry. However, there could be other options to consider. There are some local settings like jewelry consignment shops and antique stores which serve as good places to offer your finds for resale. Merely have a bit of research, and you could easily find the best place where to sell your investment jewelry leading to best profit as possible. 

There you have it! Those are just some of the factors or details that you should bear in mind once planning to invest in jewelry. Well, if you are well-guided and you have enough knowledge about jewelry investment, then you’ll definitely be successful with your venture!

How about you? Do you plan to invest in pieces of jewelry? Share your thoughts about jewelry investment by posting your comments below. Hit like and share this post too!

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The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts on How to Keep Your Eye Healthy Fri, 26 Jun 2020 19:54:50 +0000 The eye health is probably not something you consider on a regular basis. You are aware of not to poke it but do you think how your diet or your life-style can affect it? It will be possible that you won’t consider it until you commence to lose your vision or have other health concerns. …

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The eye health is probably not something you consider on a regular basis. You are aware of not to poke it but do you think how your diet or your life-style can affect it? It will be possible that you won’t consider it until you commence to lose your vision or have other health concerns.

Well, now is the best time start thinking about your eye health. What you do in your 20s and 30s have a full effect on what will happen in your 60s and 70s. It is possible to prevent numerous eye problems which help to save the eyes for retirement and beyond.

Here’s everything you should know about how to keep your eye in good health. We’ll list the dos and don’ts to help get a lean body.

DO Eat Plenty of Lutein and Beta Carotene

It’s time for you to go through the nutrients you get from your food. We’re not implying that you must quit chocolate and refined sugar, yet we’re saying that it’s wise to reduce them. You should get more food containing lutein and beta-carotene. These are typically 2 types of proteins that are vital for the eye health.

Possibly you have heard that carrots can help you see in darkness. Well, while they do not give you night vision, they will improve your eyesight as a result of beta carotene in them. Anything orange will likely have beta carotene, still carrots are the best.

Lutein is proven scientifically in reducing the chances of getting cataracts and macular degeneration disease. If you do develop these or have started to develop these – some eye diseases can begin in your 40s – then getting more lutein will help you to stall the development of them. You can preserve most of your vision and avoid really expensive eye appointments.

You will get these in carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, as well as butter – real butter, not margarine!

DO Get Plenty of Vitamins A and C

Like with the beta-carotene and lutein, you want to add more vitamins A and C to your diet.

Let’s start with vitamin A. This is the vitamin that supports the repair of your cells. Your eyes have cells, just like the rest of your body. They become damaged, and they will die naturally. What you want to do is boost your intake of vitamin A to make sure that the cells repair well and grow back without damage. The vitamin A will also help to protect the other tendons and ligaments within the eye.

As for the vitamin C, this will help to boost your cell repair too. It also boosts your immune system. There are infections and diseases that will affect the quality of your eye health. If you can keep them at bay, you will stand a better chance of protecting your eyesight.

Like the lutein and beta-carotene, eating apricots and sweet potatoes will help. You can also get them from oranges, lemons, blueberries, and grapes.

DO Exercise Your Eye Muscles Now and Then

Your eyes have muscles. Like any other muscle in your body, the eye muscles will need strengthening and supporting. You don’t just do this through the food that you eat, but also through the exercise that you do.

We’re not talking about hanging kettlebells from your eyelids! It’s important to do light exercises, including numerous facial exercises. Not only will you protect your vision but you can reduce the signs of aging around the eyes, including avoiding wrinkles later in life.

All you need to do is place rub the palms of your hands together for heat and then place them over your eyes. Take your mind to a relaxing place and allow the heat to work into the muscles.

You can also place your fingers at the outside edges of your eyes and gently move them in a circle. You’ll feel the muscles around your eyes getting pulled and stretched. If you experience any pain, stop right away.

DO Get More Antioxidants

Another nutrient that you want to get more of is antioxidants. There are various ways that you can benefit from antioxidants, especially with the eye health.

The first is the protection for your immune system. It gets extra support to fight off various illnesses and diseases that your body is faced with. This instantly helps to support the eye health. If the rest of your body is healthy, the eyes don’t have to lose fluid or strain through diminishing energy levels.

The second benefit is for any infections or diseases that may affect your eyes directly – along with injuries that your eyes may face. Antioxidants will help the body fight off the more localized infections, preventing them from getting any worse.

The third way you benefit is through better blood circulation. Antioxidants help to widen blood vessels and promote more oxygenated blood around your body. This means your muscles get the extra oxygen, along with the cells within your eyes.

Finally, you get the support for the cells in the eyes. The body will find it easier to fight off free radicals, preventing damage to any repairing or growing cells.

DO Eat Plenty of Dark Green Leafy Greens

You’ll hear a lot that you need to eat more dark leafy greens. They are among the most powerful foods for all your nutrient needs. I wish there were something that looked more appealing!

Get more Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, and broccoli in your diet to put your eyes first. You’ll get the vitamin A and C that we’ve already mentioned, along with calcium, zinc, and magnesium. Each of these minerals helps to support the muscle and bone health. They fight against diseases and support the immune system throughout the day.

If you don’t fancy eating the greens, you can always add them to a green smoothie. This can help to get rid of some of the bitterness while getting more fluids into your diet.

DO Make Sure You Sleep Enough

While you need to exercise, your eyes will also need rest. This is a part of the body that is always working until you close your eyes! The eye muscles work throughout the day, as you try to focus on everything going on in the world. The muscles have to relax and tense while changing the distance that you’re looking.

If you ever feel tired, like your eyes are trying to shut, then you need to consider taking a break. Don’t try to force your eyes to keep working. Just a 10-minute power nap will be enough to give your eyes a bit of a break.

Those who struggle to sleep at night will need to consider ways to help the mind shut down. Try meditation to help calm the mind and take your imagination to another place. With your eyes closed, they get the relaxation they need because there is nothing for them to focus on.

DO Make Sure You Drink Enough Fluids

Your eyes need hydration. If they get dehydrated, you will find they’re itchy and painful – and rubbing them will just make things worse. It’s up to you to drink enough throughout the day to make sure the eyes get all the water they need.

Dry eyes can lead to future problems. Your eye muscles must work harder without the support, and you run the risk of developing various infections. The eyes are unable to remove irritants naturally, so you run the risk of ulcers and damage to the cornea.

If you drink plenty but still struggle to keep your eyes moist, you will need to look into artificial tears/eye drops. Your eye doctor will be able to prescribe some, but there are over the counter options that can work. Read the labels, especially if you wear contact lenses. Some of the drops can be used while wearing contacts and others will need to be used before or after wearing them.

Eye drops can be used throughout the summer when the body struggles to retain fluid. They can also help to ease dry eye conditions because of the use of contact lenses – the lenses will soak up any moisture within your eyes.

You will find your eyes get dehydrated faster if you are tired or if you’ve overused them. Rest and then see what the fluid levels are like.

DO Follow the 20/20/20 Rule

You may have heard of the 20/20/20 rule but not quite what it is exactly. Every 20 minutes, you should look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

This is something that we tend to overlook when protecting our eye health. We’re focused so much on the computer screen at work, which isn’t good for the eyes at all. Set a timer for every 20 minutes so that you find an object that is 20 feet away. It can be further if you want but 20 feet is the optimum distance.

You’re not missing out on much for 20 seconds. It’s not just your eyes that will thank you. Your brain health will also benefit, as you give yourself a break and time to recollect your thoughts. Your boss will barely even realize that you take this time off.

DON’T Keep Working without a Break

If you don’t follow the 20/20/20 rule, then at least take regular breaks from the activity that you’re on. Step away from the computer screen and spend 5-10 minutes doing something completely different. You could even just close your eyes and rest them for this time.

Rest is essential. We’ve already mentioned how this will help to support your eye health. Like any other part of your body, if you push your eyes too much they will work against you. You’ll find they hurt and you could end up with regular headaches – the muscles and nerves are all connected.

DON’T Stare Into Light

When you are looking for an object for the 20/20/20 rule or when exercising, avoid looking directly at the light. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural or artificial light. Letting too much in will damage the nerves and the cells.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B01DKW5PWW” locale=”US” tag=”majsis200200-20″]

You will feel a burning sensation if you look at the light for too long. Close your eyes and give the pupils a chance to rest.

If you use a lot of gadgets, don’t have the brightness too high. Your eyes will get used to the lower brightness levels, and the eyes don’t strain as much to avoid too much light getting in.

DON’T Wear Your Glasses All the Time

You don’t need to wear your glasses for every minute of the day. While there will be sometimes that they are a must – and even a legal requirement – you will be able to find times of the day that they can be removed. If you wear contacts, carry your case around with you so that you can easily remove them now and then.

Wearing your glasses helps to reduce some of the strain on your eye to focus on elements close to you or far away. However, your muscles will need to do some work now and then. There are also times that your muscles need to relax, as looking at the wrong distance with your glasses can put extra strain on them.

Do get your eyes checked regularly. If you find your corrected vision is blurry, it’s a sign that you need a stronger prescription.

DON’T Eat Too Much Sugary Food

Sugary food, especially refined sugary food, is bad for you. It’s not just bad for your overall health but also for your eye health. There are links that show high sugar levels lead to poor eyesight.

Those with diabetes are more likely to develop eye problems later in life. This is due to the insulin response and the way that the metabolism is affected by it.

We’re not saying cut out all sugar. Just think carefully about whether you need it. If you are a diabetic, make an effort to keep your sugar levels within a healthy range. This isn’t just important to keep your diabetes under control, but it will also help to reduce the risk of developing glaucoma and macular degeneration disease later in life.

DON’T Smoke

I know you’ve likely heard this advice a lot. Your doctor will tell you for your lung and heart health all the time. There’s no denying that smoking is linked to cancer.

But did you know that smoking is also linked to the deterioration of the eye health? Those who smoke are at a higher risk of developing various eye diseases, including cataracts and macular degeneration. Optic nerve damage is also a common problem for those who smoke.

Make Changes to Keep Your Eye Healthy

Put your eye health first as much as you can. This is more than just getting your eyes checked regularly – although this will help. Make sure you follow a diet that gives you plenty of nutrients to keep your cells, nerves, and muscles supported. You don’t have to do a lot to protect your eye health. Most changes are easily added to your everyday lifestyle.


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A Guide to Execute an ICO – Initial Coin Offering Fri, 26 Jun 2020 19:49:50 +0000 The world is now crazed with ICOs. The tech is the new trend – all the money is on the tech industry. The youth is getting rebellious against the corporate offices and trying to build their dream possible. Everyone is working so hard to make their voice heard. But they are facing the inevitable problem …

The post A Guide to Execute an ICO – Initial Coin Offering appeared first on Montasir Ahmed's Blog.

The world is now crazed with ICOs. The tech is the new trend – all the money is on the tech industry. The youth is getting rebellious against the corporate offices and trying to build their dream possible. Everyone is working so hard to make their voice heard. But they are facing the inevitable problem fulfilling their dream – money!

Even a person having solid plans and possible ideas to execute it – getting enough investment is a hard nut to crack open. The traditional approach was to beg to the venture capitals and ask them for money so they could build their dream.

But getting investments from these venture capitals has some serious problems – there will not be a regular flow of money unless the VC is satisfied with the growth. Moreover, they will be acting like bosses and try to dictate your dreams and plans. But isn’t that’s the reason youth quit their day jobs and decided to fulfill their dreams?

A perfect solution to this very problem could be “Initial Coin Offering” a.k.a. ICO. So, what are there ICOs that world is so crazy about?

What are the ICOs? Explained with Example

ICO is an idea to get crowdfunding for your project. Let’s consider an example, and you will get the idea in a better sense.

Let’s consider; you have a plan to solve a severe problem our society faces today. We could think about the lack of jobs. So, you are planning to build an online platform where everyone could find the job that matches their skill sets. You will collaborate with all the employees and the employers and make a perfect little platform to build your dream come true.

But to build such a platform, you will need developers, coders, and business experts. Meaning, you will need money to pay your team. So, what you do? You make a beautiful PowerPoint presentation and knock door to door for investments. But getting investors are not just sitting there for you to come. Even if you find the perfect investor, it will be tough to convince them to invest in your idea.

The investors are just businessmen. They will not hand over all the money that you need to run the project. Investors especially the VCs will give you the cash on installments. Also, they will monitor your every single move and could stop the flow of money at any given time as they please.

With the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, you could try out another way. You could ask an ordinary people to fund your project. The method is better known as crowdfunding. But you cannot just walk around your home requesting every guy you see and showcase them your idea, right?

You could instead create a website where you will be showing your ideas, your project timelines, the possibilities your project bring forward, and of course your technological details. Meaning, you will tell the world how exactly you are planning to build and run your project. You will sell them tokens that can be used exclusively later on. For these tokens, you will receive money. Well, this is going to be the money you are going to spend to fuel your dream project!

But how much money could this process make you? We are not talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars only. You could collect millions from raising money by ICO.

Yes, we are not just bragging about it! Only in 2017, the start-ups raised over $5 Billion. This year, within just six months, we have seen companies raising over Billions – the growth is now more rapid than ever.

Not every ICO takes a large team. The Useless Ethereum Token raised over $200,000, and the project was run by a single person only! So, if you have a solid business plan, building the initial fund with ICO could be the smartest decision you would ever make.

Moreover, your business plan doesn’t have to be related to the tech industry. You could be starting an agro farm and collect money from an ICO. For example, you could think of the BananaCoin. These guys planned to make an organic banana farm. They have raised their investment through an ICO. After their massive success of building a banana farm and selling fresh bananas, they are now expanding their business with a mango farm too.

Sounds quite lucrative, isn’t it? So, it’s time to ask the fundamental question – how to start and execute an ICO? Well mates, we here to answer that particular question. Buckle up and be on your reading mode – this is going to be a long read as we will be talking about everything you need to know about launching an ICO all by yourself.

To deal with all the heavy works, we have divided all the tasks into three major phases –

  1. The pre-public engagement phase,
  2. The action phase, and
  3. The post-public engagement phase.

The pre-public engagement phase includes all the tasks you will need to take care before launching your idea for the ordinary people. This is a hefty phase, and a lot of ICOs fail because they took this phase too lightly. It could take about six months or even a year or more in some cases.

Then comes the action phase or you could simply tell it the ICO phase. During this time you will be selling coins to the common. You could think of it as a company going public and selling shares. It could be two to three months depending how much money you are planning to make for your business to launch.

In the final phase, you will be serving your project and lead it to success. Nothing should be on your mind except making the business a sheer success. You will handle a lot of members from the various department of your team. Your team will include but not limit to the developers, the blockchain specialists, public representatives (PR), the marketing team, your legal team, your partners, and the early investors.

Managing your team will not be an easy task. It will feel like being under a lot of pressure. Well, you will be under a lot of pressure. But that is what it takes to make a change in the society and being successful with your dreams and goals, isn’t it?

So, let’s start with our big list to execute and ICO, shall we?

The Big Idea!

Before you are starting anything, you need to brainstorm, a lot. You need to find a stable and practical idea to work on. We don’t want to give you any vague lead. So, grab yourself a pen and paper. Try to make a list of things that you would be interested in working on. You should study the market as well to get knowledge and find out the competition in your preferable niche.

CoinMarketCap has informed us that there are about 1,500 cryptocurrencies available on the market. That means your plan will have to be better, different, and feasible. Otherwise, why should people be investing in your idea at all?

Try to ask yourself these questions – what kind of problem will your idea try to solve, who are your target market, how your idea is better than the rest? You should list out all the problems the world faces and constantly think of the solution to these problems.

This is the best way to come up with the business ideas. Actually, all the businesses try to solve a particular problem. So, think about how big a problem you are planning to solve and how you could solve it.

Remember, you need to be practical and think of the feasible solutions only. You cannot think of creating a genie who will solve all the problems of the world!

After you are selected a particular idea, try to seek public opinions from online forums. Reddit is a great option for seeking ideas and checking public reviews. You could even try creating a thread on BitcoinTalk forums.

Moreover, also ask yourself if your business idea needs tokenization. Not every idea is suitable for ICO, and not every idea will get support from the ICO. So, choose your niche and idea properly. Don’t rush; nobody has given any time limit. Although if you are just wondering about it without following any straight method, you might end up nowhere. Remember, you are here to do business, not to become a messiah!

Know Your Competition and Your Competitors

Market research is a crucial step for any business. Starting a business without proper market research is like walking in the dark hoping you will find light someday. You might have got a brilliant idea, but if some else is working on it or already has built it, your plan will more likely fail. Unless you have something unique to provide the market.

Also, think about the timeline, if someone else has the same idea as yours, you could take the lead by launching the business earlier than them. But don’t try to serve half cooked dishes! You need to finalize project as perfect as it gets. A business full of flaws will only do damage to you. So, make up your mind, do market research, know your competitors, and go public only after your plan is bulletproof.

Otherwise, your ICO will fail miserably. Statistics have shown that about 46% ICOs fail due to various reasons. The statistics are based on the year 2017 only. But still, you don’t want to be another example of the failure!

Does your Government Support You?

We all know blockchains and cryptocurrencies are all about making things decentralized and distributed. It has become a headache for a lot of governments. They simply don’t want people to be in charge of things. The more dominated the common people are, the easier it is to rule them!

Moreover, scams related to ICO is not a rare case. We have seen and heard of ICOs robbing public money or being scammers. The government has no choice but to regulate the ICOs now. For example, in the US, the Internal Revenue Service or the IRS is monitoring all the activities of the ICOs so that they have a clear knowledge of their wealth and activities.

In China and South Korea, ICO is banned altogether. We are very sad to see such countries with advanced technology banning the future of technology. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has exempted their citizens from buying certain tokens. The red-listed cryptocurrencies are Gooldmint, Monaco Visa, Datum, and many more.

So, if you are planning to launch and ICO, you better have a good lawyer. Also, you should check your government’s policies regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs. You don’t want to be in jail by launching an ICO. Moreover, all your money could be seized by the government, and you could face a long time prison visit for such acts!

Just try not be or look like a scam in any way. Show your idea to the public and leave nothing hidden. Be as transparent as you can be while writing the white paper and all the documents. Moreover, be honest, don’t plan to raise a lot of money and then run away with it!

Design and Develop the ICO Token

You are going to sell the tokens during the ICO. So, it goes without saying that you will need to develop a coin or a token in the very first place. But first, you will need a proper distribution plan. A token sale could be of various forms, or you could call them stages of the token sale. You could go for a private sale where you will be selling the tokens to the selective individuals. Then comes the pre-sale where you will try to sell the tokens without giving detailed information. You can go for the actual ICO or the general sale. The choice is entirely up to you and you only.

For example, you could take a look at the NXT’s strategy which is on the number one spot regarding ROI. They managed to collect about $16,800 as donations from the forums. They started their ICO back in 2013.

Telegram another popular name collected over a staggering $850 Million with their private and pre-sales. They haven’t started their actual ICO, yet they are planning to go for another private sale. This time they are planning to double the amount they earned previously. So, you see, you have your options open. You could go for any method that suits your need and your strategy.

Next, you need to make a fine distribution method. You need to finalize how many tokens you are going to launch in the market for the ICO, how your buyer will receive the tokens, how many stages you are planning your ICO to have.

But the most important decision you need to make is regarding the development platform. You could choose to build up the tokens based on the Ethereum’s platform. About 81% of the tokens are based on the ERC-20 token developed by the Ethereum team. Ethereum has published all the codes. So, you will need to copy it and tweak it a bit to make your own token.

Well, you could still go for other platforms. There Waves and Hyperledger who offer excellent token platforms. You might even go for building your very own custom blockchain platform. This could be a time-consuming idea. But if you have a tech-savvy team, the option is not that bad. It’s a great one if you can make it.

Whichever method you choose, the bottom line is to create a token that you are going to offer to the public.

Take up Your Pen and Paper

After the token, you will need to write about your idea and your tech. You will have to write a detailed and clear analogy of your project. This paper will be called the “White-Paper.” A white paper is everything people should know about your project. Try to be as thorough as possible. Your customers will want to know everything including project plans, market analysis, your planned timeframe, your methodology, tech architecture, your legal plans, your team, and you. In short, you are expected to write EVERYTHING!

Not every one of the investors will read through the white paper. But it creates your image to the world. The tech savvies will definitely read it and try to analyze the impact you are going to make on the market. Even the review writers will read every single word. So, they might criticize you if you have a poorly written white-paper. It will hurt your image badly and sabotage the hunt for getting investors.

Moreover, the blockchain geeks have a fairly great knowledge about the technological facts. They might criticize you badly if you have a mediocre level white paper.

The Perfect Little Website

A website is the most import factor getting more investments. The investors see your website as your potential. Your website should be simple yet detailed with all the necessary information. You need to add details of the team. People would want to know whom they are investing on. Your team members should have a photo, the name and their designation in the company. It will look more professional and reliable. They don’t want to give money to some John Doe.

Next thing you need to add is the project’s aim. If people don’t know what you and your team is planning to do, they will lose interest. Be focused on clearing your idea in some short yet focused words. For example, if you plan to make a new kind of job market, you should focus on “New Job Market.” People can grasp the idea just by seeing these three words.

Moreover, it makes a good first impression. You need to attract their attention just at first glance. Don’t try to be descriptive or vivid here.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B077BNFVW3″ locale=”US” tag=”majsis200200-20″]

The final detail you should have on your website is your tech. Be very detailed about how you are going to solve a particular problem. Designing infographics or a short video is a great idea to go with. This showcasing will make the idea more reliable to the investors. They would think themselves a part of the team – not an outsider.

Apart from these, you could try adding a roadmap. A roadmap shows the time-lines of the important milestones you want to touch. People want to see when they could reap the money and have the fruits. They better ROI you promise them, the more they will be interested in your project. Try to find out all the important milestones and plan a time-line you want to meet. Now share this idea with the world. The world will see it as your determination and how much focused you are about your project.

Link up your social media platforms. Most of the people these days have multiple social media platforms which they use on a regular basis. The social media platforms could be a great way to connect with your potential investors. We are not just talking about Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, try using the platforms where your potential investors might. We are talking about Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, GitHub, Medium, YouTube, or LinkedIn.

As you have finalized your contents, you need to work on your website layout. Try to keep things simple and elegant. No one wants to see a pile of words stashed here and there. Be organized. Using a single page website a great option as things are easily accessible and convenient. Although you could go for other options as per your demand. Try to choose the Sans the Sans Serif fonts as they are clean and clutter-less.

Security should always be your primary concern. We have seen a lot of great ICOs fail due to lack of security. We have to let you know about The Dao when we are discussing the security issue. The Dao project was one of the most promising ideas we have seen so far. It planned to develop autonomous organizations where there were no bosses – a self-sustaining organization. The ICO even raised over $150 Million. But due to a cyber-attack, it lost over $500,000. Soon people lost faith over The Dao. Now, The Dao is just an example of ICO related security issues. You don’t want to end up like The Dao.

To summarize, your website should contain these following things –

  • Your logo
  • A simple infographic or an introduction video or both
  • A roadmap
  • Detailed illustration of your tech
  • The team members’ description
  • The impact of your project on the society
  • Use cases of your project
  • Legal documentation (terms and conditions)
  • White-paper
  • About us page
  • Social media accounts’ links

Marketing: Get Your Voice Heard!

It’s the era of marketing. You need to spread your voice to the public, more specifically, to your investors. You cannot and should not hope for investments if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy. You have everything you need to launch an ICO. But, if people don’t even know that you are launching an ICO, then what’s the point of doing it anyway?

There are certain ways you could set up your marketing strategy. The easiest way to look for a good marketing manager. The manager will charge quite the amount but consider it as an investment. But if you are running short on budget, you could try to be your own marketing manager.

The first thing to do would be bolstering up your social media accounts. There are lots of great freelance social media experts who could boost up your social presence and help you gather the organic traffic, not just some paid likes. Remember, paid likes and followers will get you nowhere. Try to seek you’re your actual target audience and create contents for them. There is no easy way to reach out your voice to the common people.

The next thing you should do is to create a blog section. We still lack some helpful blogs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche. More and more people are getting attracted to the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche. Before others build up a strong blog community, you should seize the chance to help the community with some great blogs. Blogs are the best source for collecting organic traffic. People will visit your website to quench their thirst for knowledge. Try to be true to your readers and actually help them with honest information. They will give back the courtesy someday.

Adding up a great FAQ section also a smart idea. People are questioning a lot about various simple yet common questions these days. You will be surprised to know how many people are seeking the perfect definition of ICOs! As the hype of blockchain is increasing people are falling victim of fear of missing out. Very soon the internet will be full of people who don’t know what a blockchain or an ICO is but will be willing to invest as they think of it as a great way of winning cheap money!

Try to be regular on the social media accounts. If you are planning to dump 15-20 posts once and then be invisible from these accounts, you cannot grow your community. Instead, you should post regularly with a lower number of posts. Try posting 5-10 posts throughout the week rather than dumping all of them at the same time.

Being available on the forums is a great move as most of the blockchain enthusiasts are on these forums not on Facebook. Try to show your presence on Blockchain topic based forums like the Bitcoin Talk, Altcointalks, BitcoinGarden, and many more. Reddit and Quora are two great options where people are docking to get information about blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Slack and Telegram are the blockchain based messengers where you will find blockchain-educated users. They are the potential investors whom you should target.

While, doing the social media marketing, keep in mind that Facebook has banned all kinds of ICO related ads. So, you cannot increase your popularity in this platform just by placing ads. You have to be popular using the dedicated groups and pages to get your deep sought investors.

Remember, you can never make the common people think that you are a scammer. We have seen ICOs with a lower number of followers going silent, and the people suddenly started screaming their name as scammers. Always serve your followers, they are your asset and always will be.

Launch the ICO

Well, you have done all the works you needed to do before you are about to launch an ICO. But there is a crucial question – for how long do you intend to continue the ICO? Well, it depends. If you are getting huge support and regular token sales, you could continue your ICO. But if you see your token sale rate dropping down gradually, you should consider stopping the ICO.

If we think about the statistics, an average ICO continues for about 41 days. Although it is just a number. You can continue our ICO for as many days you want it to continue. Then again, if you see your investor number dropping down in rapid speed, you should stop the ICO. Here is a list of some of the famous ICOs and their duration –

Coin Name Duration Collected Investment
Omni Coin (MasterCoin) 30 days $750,000
Stratis 36 days $600,000
Ethereum 42 days $18,000,000
NXT 51 days $14,000
Waves 49 days $16,000,000

So, you could see there is no solid time frame. It depends on how much and how fast you are earning money. Communication is the key to success during and after the ICO period. Moreover, people will have tons of things to ask about the coin, your services, and your product. It is quite the normal and common scenario. If you fail to maintain proper communication, your brand image will get serious damage.

Apart from maintaining a bulletproof communication, you should also impose a strong security measure. Your ICO will be extremely vulnerable during this period. You must be prepared for kinds of security breaches and attacks. You could lose millions to the hackers.

After the ICO

Once your ICO has ended, your primary concern should be focusing on your dream project only. You have worked so hard for making your dream, your passion to be true. Now you have the chance to fulfill your dreams as you have the economic backup to do so. Moreover, you investor will seek to witness improvements and some results. You should do all you can do to for your customers and the token investors.

Well, to speak the truth, starting and launching the ICO are the easier tasks compared to what you are going to do after the ICO. You could think of it like – just getting the money to make something you dream of. At this point, you have a moral, financial obligation to work on your project and deliver something of value to the world.

Well, you have collected some money for the investment, you have some cash on your wallet, and your team will get the salary that they deserve. But you need to focus on one thing here – making money for everybody else! How could you do so? Actually, sell to the mass people and earn money for everyone. Launching an ICO makes you more of an entrepreneur as you are collecting money from the common people not just begging to the corporate investors. It will make you more independent and help you get more control.

So, your next step should be getting listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. A cryptocurrency exchange works like a typical stock exchange. This is the best way to speak out to the world and make your presence noticed. Each of these exchanges has certain requirements that your project needs to fulfill.

Don’t worry as long as you haven’t stolen anyone’s idea and is completely unique; you have nothing to worry about. Among these cryptocurrency exchanges, Poloniex is the most well-known and the largest exchanges. So, do you have to do to get yourself enlisted on Poloniex? Well, there is no particular method you could follow. They claim to pick the most unique, innovative and popular projects that meet their users’ demands. Another important criteria for getting enlisted on their platform is by creating strong market demand. The more market demand your brand has, the easier it is to get enlisted. Apart from Poloniex, you could try getting enlisted on Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, HitBTC, GDAX, bitFlyer, Kraken, Bitstamp, etc.

To get enlisted on the exchanges, you should have the following attributes –

  • Coin name – Well having a name is the most certain things to come in mind. So, you got to have a name for your coin!
  • Trading Symbol – A coin trading symbol is a three-letter name that can represent you coin name. For example, Ethereum is ETH, Bitcoin is BTC, Ripple is XRP, etc.
  • The Project and The Token Description – Your project should have a clear and short description that can truly stand for the mission and vision your project has. Apart from the Project, your token should also have a clear and concise mission and vision. You need to submit these pieces of information to the cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Coin Logo – Coin logo is the most simple and clear symbol of your brand. A logo can give your brand name a better status and makes it more trustworthy among the users and the investors.
  • Launch Date – You should tell the exchange the initial date of your project to run so that they can age your project.
  • GitHub Link – Exchanges will ask for source codes before listing you coin to their directory. It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about them stealing your idea and copyright.
  • Compliance Fee – Some cryptocurrency exchanges might ask for the entry fee which often referred to as the compliance fee. For example, Bittrex used to charge $5,000 as the entry fee. They have revoked that law later on.
  • Third-Party Certification of the Source Code – Your project’s source code should be verified by a trusted third party. Some of the exchanges are very strict about this certification.

So, these are everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency exchanges. Without these pieces of information they might not register your brand’s name on the exchange’s registry. It is vitally important to get your name registered otherwise people might think of as a scam or a fraud.

Concluding Words

The world is changing so should be the way of doing business and collecting the initial investment for your business. Launching an ICO makes you more independent and gives you the freedom to steer your project to the ultimate goal that only you can envision. Sure, there are lots of cases of ICOs to fail. But at the same time, we could give lots of names of the successful ones too.

It goes without saying that ICOs are the new fuel for the business especially the start-ups. The amount of investment through ICO has reached the sky. Billions of dollars are spent on the initial investments of the start-ups. This more likely shows the world that cryptocurrencies are just some imaginary words uttered by some tech geeks. It is very much the reality. It also works like an indicator that the world as we know is going to change. Actually, the change has already begun. Now it’s time to see how far will cryptocurrencies go and impact the everyday life of every single human being on the planet. Moreover, we want to look at how cryptocurrencies will impose decentralization and distributed network that crumbles the controlling hands of the banks and the financial institutes.

So, if you have a dream in your heart and chase it by setting up your own business, ICO might save the day from the mean investors. What are you waiting for? Start working on your dream today, work on the next big idea that will change the world entirely, ICO will give you the wings to fly.

Come on champ! The future is calling your name!

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Thai Massage – Special Care In Stress Fri, 26 Jun 2020 19:44:50 +0000 What Differs Thai Massage From a Typical Massage Thai massage is an ancient healing system that incorporates spiritual discipline through the Buddhist practices of breath awareness (mindfulness) and focused compassion (loving kindness). It also combines with acupressure, Ayurveda, stimulation and influence of energy lines called ‘Sen’, and assisted yoga postures. In Thai language it is …

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What Differs Thai Massage From a Typical Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing system that incorporates spiritual discipline through the Buddhist practices of breath awareness (mindfulness) and focused compassion (loving kindness). It also combines with acupressure, Ayurveda, stimulation and influence of energy lines called ‘Sen’, and assisted yoga postures. In Thai language it is called ‘nuad’ or ‘nuad boran’ and has totally different properties to western massage therapies.

Traditional Thai massage does not use oils or lotions. So that the recipient can remain clothed during the treatment. However, constant body contact exists between the practitioner and client.  Rather than just rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked by the practitioner in order to clear ‘energy blockages’ and relieve tension.

For this process, the therapist uses palms, thumbs, knees, forearms, elbows, and feet to create a series of movements on the body. This process will open your joints, stretch your muscles and tendons, and believe that the internal organs are tuned, and energy throughout the body is balanced. You can expect deep relaxation, physical and mental comfort and rejuvenation with a full bode Thai massage.

Is Thai Massage Painful?

Thai massage is revitalizing your body. Unlike the western styles of massage, Thai massage is considered as painful, but an experiences and licensed massage therapist frequently take your feedback and adjust the amount of pressure and stretching.

When applying pressure in order to smoothen muscle fiber adhesions (or “muscle knots”) could hurt you. But you must understand that there is a clear difference between that type of discomfort and a pain due to stretching and inappropriate or excessive pressure. It may be difficult for a Thai massage therapist to avoid such minute discomfort when targeting so called muscle knots.  However, a qualified and licensed therapist will adjust the massaging pressure and movements to bring down any discomfort you may feel.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

It is often used to relieve from stress and stress-related health issues. It is also believed to be an energy booster and improver of motion and flexibility. In addition to that, Thai massage is explored as a treatment for the following health issues as well:

  • Tension headaches
  • Imbalance
  • Chronic nonspecific and Sub-acute back pain)
  • Muscle spasticity

Possible Side Effects

Thai massage may not be safe for someone with health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, disk herniation, just after a surgery, or osteoporosis. Still if you are looking for a Thai massage, please check with your doctor and get his advice. Specially, pregnant women should strictly seek a doctor’s advice.

Massage should not be done over inflamed, bruised or weak skin, and if there is unhealed or open wounds, tumors, abdominal hernia, recent fractures or skin rash.

What to Know Before Your Appointment

You will be asked to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the massage.

​A typical Thai massage takes 60 minutes to 2 hours’ time.

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Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers Fri, 26 Jun 2020 19:39:50 +0000 Are you planning to go shopping for any of your travel fiends in this holiday season? Consider one of the following top 10 gifts. travelers It is holiday season, and the best way to keep your loved ones happy is presenting gifts that they will lovingly use. If you decide shopping for any friends or …

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Are you planning to go shopping for any of your travel fiends in this holiday season? Consider one of the following top 10 gifts. travelers

It is holiday season, and the best way to keep your loved ones happy is presenting gifts that they will lovingly use. If you decide shopping for any friends or family members who loves traveling, it will be the best to give presents that will make their future journeys much better. Read on for some of the best gift suggestions that will perfectly fit in your favorite adventurer’s bag.

Layers to Beat the Cold

When make a reservation to visit the world’s most beautiful cities or magnificent outdoor destinations, there can be instances to forget to get ready with all the elements. No need to say that the travelers who are heading to a cold destination should layer up with SmartWool and beat the cold in a smart-yet-fashionable way.

The wind-resistant and lightweight Double Corbet 120 Hoody (for men) and the NTS Mid 250 Hoody Sport (for women) will surely keep the travelers warm and dry with wool insulation and a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish. travelers

Stylish and Durable Jeans

Every traveler needs a comfortable yet reliable pair of pants. Lee’s Modern Series Savannah Bootcut Jean for the ladies and the Regular Fit Bootcut Jean for the guys are the perfect matches. These jeans are capable of handling the wear and tear that may occur while being on the road.

Complete the gift by adding Amazon’s Pack-It Specter™ Garment Folder. Its stretch Compress Wings™ will help keep your clothes neat and sharp throughout any trip.

Travel Bags for Traveler

Travelers needs travel bag mostly. According to places they will visit, there are variety of travel bags available in the market. Some want to discover the mountains while some other into the deep sea. They might need a huge luggage or tinny outdoor backpack. Just identify their needs and present it just before they want to move.

Purchase The Best Travel Bag From My Store Best Travel Bag

Versatile Footwear

Either your traveler visits urban destinations or natural ones, he or she would likely be exposed to wet conditions. The best way to overcome unpleasant experience at such a place is to be with a good pair of waterproof boots. Timberland’s Stormbuck Tall Waterproof Duck Boots are suitable for men and Woodhaven Tall Waterproof Boots fits for women. The stylish and assertive designs will make anyone wanting to splash in a few puddles.

Shades to Shield the Sun 

A great pair of sunglasses fits for any type of vacation, whether it is warm or cold. The Spicoli 4 Sunglasses from Vans will be one of the best gifts that not only blocks UV rays, but also highly fashionable. You can choose them in seven different color schemes, including basic black, the American flag motif, and camo. travelers

Gear for Relaxing and Stretching

A vacation must not be filled with sightseeing and having lavish and delicate food.

The travelers required to build in time for recovery at the end of each day, at least with a small workout like yoga. So that you can offer a gift for rest and replenishment like Lucy’s Manduka Eko Travel Mat for yoga. This mat is not only featured with sustainable rubber, but also lightweight and convenient to pack. It can fit in to almost any travel bag, or even a purse, saving your traveler with more room for souvenirs.

You can also assist kick-start travel comfort with a Fast Inflate™ Travel Seat Cushion, which will make any ride on plane, train, or car, much better.

Need to explore for more? VF Brands have enough outfits for any traveler.

You can make your loved traveller delighted by just passing our ultimate packing list and let him know how to pack like a pro.

What else do you think of buying for that traveler who is in your inner circle? Is there something important that you would like add to complete his or her packing list? Share it in the comments below!

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HOW DO YOU SELL YOUR HOUSE IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS? Fri, 26 Jun 2020 19:34:50 +0000 Major Keyword: “how do you sell your house” Minor Keywords: “how do you sell a house” “sell the house.” Most sellers tend to involve agencies when selling their homes in fear that the whole buying and selling process is complex. This may have a distinctive cost that the seller may incur at the end of …

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Major Keyword: “how do you sell your house”

Minor Keywords:

how do you sell a house”

sell the house.”

Most sellers tend to involve agencies when selling their homes in fear that the whole buying and selling process is complex. This may have a distinctive cost that the seller may incur at the end of the day. However, selling your house can be as easy as selling any other classified ads on the internet. In fact, selling a house can be done in five simple steps;

  1.    Determine the selling or starting price of the house

It’s important to understand the estimated value of the house. Understanding the value of the house will hasten the house selling process.  A house true value will let a seller get a house at his starting price but still a good price. Bids and other offers should only be higher or equal to your estimate prices.

There are several factors that will help to determine the worth of houses such as the neighborhood’s value. A good neighborhood can add up to fifty percent value on your house. Having a good home in a rich neighborhood will definitely make the house earn some good cash. That does not mean that other neighborhoods may be worthless.In most cases people do not just buy houses, they first consider the home surrounding, drainage system, security, accessibility among others.

Determining and understanding how houses are valued will also elevate the bargaining power against clients and agencies that may want to buy the house. Family neighborhoods are more expensive than other neighborhoods considering the social amenities around them, and thus, if your home developed into family-friendly neighborhoods, chances if an increased value of your house is high.

  1.    Determine the mode of sale

How do you sell your house?’ would be your next question after finding the value of your house. There are many ways one can sell a house, but basically, hiring an agent to sell the house is a proven way. Do not go for anyone to help you with the selling but consider the reputable real estate agencies which help in attaining the real value and agencies which are followed by many potential buyers.

Depending on what one prefers the most mode of payment can be done either by cash or bankers cheque. In both scenarios, one will also have to decide on the mode of payment after the necessary agreements have been met. In mortgage selling, one has to find all the necessary information such as how do you sell your house on a mortgage or how do you sell a house for cash?


  1.     List the house

Announcing your intentions to sell the house is the next step. Choosing a preferable platform to sell the house. While identifying the platform have in mind the target market. The local listing would effectively work for the seller, and one can send out notices of his or her house for sale. How do you sell your house through listings? Advertise and post on local classified ads for real estate properties in newspapers, buy and sell online platforms such as Facebook markets.

Sometimes auctioning can be done to the house and let buyers bid with prices than can higher than your starting price. This, however, may only work only on high valued homes as they may tend to attract more bidders compared to others.


  1.    Advertise and market your house on social platforms

Creating a good image for your home will definitely make potential buyers want to buy or view and recommend the house to other potential buyers.  This may involve taking quality pictures for the same house as much as renovating and maintaining the house. Pictures should pose a professional touch just to communicate the geniuses of the listing. More so they enable the buyer to have a clear picture of what she or he intends to buy.

House renovation and fittings maintenances may actually increase the value of your home. Making it standardized and able to sell faster than other houses that look old and additional, having an open house strategy where one can simply walk and view the home may encourage buyers to buy your house as they know and can relate to what they intend to pay for. This reduces chances of misunderstanding in the future after the sale whereby a customer is no longer satisfied with what she or he paid for.

Social media may just be where to market your house as people tend to spend more time on the social media platforms at their free time. In fact, research can prove that many people tend to do their window shopping online trying to estimate and settling for prices that is common on the market.


  1.    Choose your buyer

The beauty in selling your home personally is that you have the freedom to choose a preferred buyer. Neighbors can also help in the selling and identify a good client, just to ensure that the peaceful coexisting between the two homes contuse to exist. Having a background check on your buyer may reduce your risks to fraud. In most cases, families tend to sell homes, hoping that the next family would treasure the house rather than bulldoze it down. This check will also determine the kind of person you would want to inherit your home.

The mentioned steps can be done in the comfort of your home, free time at the office over the phone and even while driving home in traffic. This will eventually cut on the cost that would have however been spent on agency fees. The legal procedure should always be used when transferring ownership and avoid any liabilities. In any case, do not give out your original title deeds until you are satisfied with your payments and the transactions when you sell the house.

The most important aspect is understanding the property and the need to sell. More to that how the sell proceeds will be used.

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