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Most sellers tend to involve agencies when selling their homes in fear that the whole buying and selling process is complex. This may have a distinctive cost that the seller may incur at the end of the day. However, selling your house can be as easy as selling any other classified ads on the internet. In fact, selling a house can be done in five simple steps;

  1.    Determine the selling or starting price of the house

It’s important to understand the estimated value of the house. Understanding the value of the house will hasten the house selling process.  A house true value will let a seller get a house at his starting price but still a good price. Bids and other offers should only be higher or equal to your estimate prices.

There are several factors that will help to determine the worth of houses such as the neighborhood’s value. A good neighborhood can add up to fifty percent value on your house. Having a good home in a rich neighborhood will definitely make the house earn some good cash. That does not mean that other neighborhoods may be worthless.In most cases people do not just buy houses, they first consider the home surrounding, drainage system, security, accessibility among others.

Determining and understanding how houses are valued will also elevate the bargaining power against clients and agencies that may want to buy the house. Family neighborhoods are more expensive than other neighborhoods considering the social amenities around them, and thus, if your home developed into family-friendly neighborhoods, chances if an increased value of your house is high.

  1.    Determine the mode of sale

How do you sell your house?’ would be your next question after finding the value of your house. There are many ways one can sell a house, but basically, hiring an agent to sell the house is a proven way. Do not go for anyone to help you with the selling but consider the reputable real estate agencies which help in attaining the real value and agencies which are followed by many potential buyers.

Depending on what one prefers the most mode of payment can be done either by cash or bankers cheque. In both scenarios, one will also have to decide on the mode of payment after the necessary agreements have been met. In mortgage selling, one has to find all the necessary information such as how do you sell your house on a mortgage or how do you sell a house for cash?


  1.     List the house

Announcing your intentions to sell the house is the next step. Choosing a preferable platform to sell the house. While identifying the platform have in mind the target market. The local listing would effectively work for the seller, and one can send out notices of his or her house for sale. How do you sell your house through listings? Advertise and post on local classified ads for real estate properties in newspapers, buy and sell online platforms such as Facebook markets.

Sometimes auctioning can be done to the house and let buyers bid with prices than can higher than your starting price. This, however, may only work only on high valued homes as they may tend to attract more bidders compared to others.


  1.    Advertise and market your house on social platforms

Creating a good image for your home will definitely make potential buyers want to buy or view and recommend the house to other potential buyers.  This may involve taking quality pictures for the same house as much as renovating and maintaining the house. Pictures should pose a professional touch just to communicate the geniuses of the listing. More so they enable the buyer to have a clear picture of what she or he intends to buy.

House renovation and fittings maintenances may actually increase the value of your home. Making it standardized and able to sell faster than other houses that look old and additional, having an open house strategy where one can simply walk and view the home may encourage buyers to buy your house as they know and can relate to what they intend to pay for. This reduces chances of misunderstanding in the future after the sale whereby a customer is no longer satisfied with what she or he paid for.

Social media may just be where to market your house as people tend to spend more time on the social media platforms at their free time. In fact, research can prove that many people tend to do their window shopping online trying to estimate and settling for prices that is common on the market.


  1.    Choose your buyer

The beauty in selling your home personally is that you have the freedom to choose a preferred buyer. Neighbors can also help in the selling and identify a good client, just to ensure that the peaceful coexisting between the two homes contuse to exist. Having a background check on your buyer may reduce your risks to fraud. In most cases, families tend to sell homes, hoping that the next family would treasure the house rather than bulldoze it down. This check will also determine the kind of person you would want to inherit your home.

The mentioned steps can be done in the comfort of your home, free time at the office over the phone and even while driving home in traffic. This will eventually cut on the cost that would have however been spent on agency fees. The legal procedure should always be used when transferring ownership and avoid any liabilities. In any case, do not give out your original title deeds until you are satisfied with your payments and the transactions when you sell the house.

The most important aspect is understanding the property and the need to sell. More to that how the sell proceeds will be used.

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