Indian Events – You Should Participate

Indian Events
India is the only country that having a multi color variety of people as well as their cultures too. It is well known in the whole world that India is very much famous for their traditions and cultures. Moreover, it deduces that all kinds of events whether it is happy or sad moments, everything is celebrated in the proper way. Additionally, people from different nations also feels very excited to see these events and them also fully enjoyed these occasions. It gives them a unique kind of feeling and it also brings togetherness among people of different countries. Indian Events

Different ways of Celebration

In India, people celebrate the happy moments in their own styles and culture. Likewise, people of Punjab state celebrates their happy moments according to their cultures like when they feel happy, they enjoy it with dancing and eat different dishes. It is also noticeable that in India, every state has their own dance styles and this is the core part of their celebration. They also use different instruments while dancing.

Types of Events

As there are numerous kinds of events prevailing in India. For instance marriage parties, pre wedding ceremonies, reception parties. Another interesting fact is that in some states events are celebrated for a long period. Indian Events

Wedding ceremony

The first kind of event is called as wedding ceremony which is popularly known as marriage functions. In this event, two soul mate are being tie up their note in a particular scenario. Moreover, all of their ancestors give warm blessings and also showers flower petals on them as a regard of love and happiness for the newly married couple. In India, flowers take an integral part of all the occasions as it also used for the purpose of decoration of the venue. A sometimes invited person also brings flowers as a token of love for the spouse.

Henna Ceremony

Secondly, it is also one of the beautiful and amazing kinds of celebration. In this occasion, all of the girls and ladies are gathered in a particular place and draws different style of designs of henna and mainly the wedding girl called as bride, her hands are beautifully decorated with henna and rest of the females celebrates these moments very delightfully. This event is also known as “ladies sangeet” in which ladies meant for female and sangeet refers as celebration with music and traditional dance. All of the occasions are different according to the state and their culture.

Diwali Occasion

After all that, it is a time to state the main occasion of India which is celebrated world widely called as “DIWALI”. This is the event which is celebrated with full of sweets, gifts, lights and many more. As in the other countries like Canada, USA, UK, Christmas is being celebrated greatly. Similarly, Diwali is the occasion in which all the civilians are being gathered in the same place and they enjoy this event with lights and fireworks. Many people celebrate it by dancing. The main thing which is to be noticed that on that day people worship the goddess “ lakshmi “ for the peace in their homes and they also enlighten the candle and decorated bowls called as “ diyas”. This is the event known for decoration and cleanliness of houses and people in India clean their houses before the some days of this event. This is the belief that by cleaning their homes, the goddess “lakshmi” will shower blessings on their family. It is truly said that this is the most amazing occasion which is celebrated in every part of India. Indian Events


As India is the country with full of colors and occasions, there is a belief behind every celebration. In other words, it can be said that every event have some history behind it. With the regard of their ancestors, people celebrate it at their full happiness.

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