Kissing a virgin

NBSB. No Boyfriend since Birth. That is what they call me now, I am the NBSB freak. My name is Sophie and I’m 20 years old. Average looking girl with jet black long hair, fair complexion, dimpled-cheeks to match under light brown, almond shaped eyes.I hardly go out on Friday nights, mainly because no one has asked me out.I touch myself at night, alone in my bed. Caressing my clitoris, moving my fingers up and down, sometimes pushing my fingers in deeper and deeper each night, making my saccharine juices come out, I often feel a searing pain inside. I cry out in ecstasy at times. I love the sensation it brings when I burst out, pyrotechnics followed by a dizzy sleepy sensation. My soul is crying out, wanting to have someone take a hold of my being, make me lose myself in oblivion. But no, not yet. My lips will have to wait. My sweet tender body has been waiting for the right one to caress it. The man who will journey to my very core and reach out to my soul. He is out there. Somewhere. Someone who will value my virginity. Yes, I am a virgin and a proud one.

kissLoaded. The all night partying has brought me tremendous exhaustion. Study groups nowadays with different women each school day end up in bed doing Chemistry experiments and Human Biology examinations. Too much sex can kill the head, both above and below. If you know what I mean? My dick has gotten too much attention lately, I wonder if women even see my face. My stamina has been increased. I can ride someone till the cock crows breaking dawn. Pardon my pun. LOL.

My name is James and I’m 21 years old. The sun is shining brightly on my future; women seem to gravitate towards me for some reason. But I have a big secret to tell, I feel as if I’m going to burst. I have not kissed a woman before. Weird but yes, that is the truth. I have not touched a woman’s face the way I imagined I would. I drive them mad during foreplay though, tracing my fingers from their rich aroused rich succulent nipples to the deep creases of their belly buttons, lacing my tongue in and out of their pink precious sweet smelling flowers, placing my hands on their buttocks and easily pinning them against a wall then carrying them to lie on their backs in bed, sucking their luscious lower lips till they cry out in desireshouting “Please, please James! I want you! I want you now! Ride me like there’s no tomorrow.” I’d make them cum so many times, women consider it a gift. I could cum several times in one sexual escapade, they say my juice has unlimited supply and they couldn’t have enough of me. But again, that’s just the thing, I have not kissed woman. I guess I still consider myself old fashioned, that small inner-voice calling out to me to choose wisely. “Wait James! Wait for the right one to kiss.”

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