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James had to go back to his hometown for the long weekend. Finally the day has come, to show how much he has changed over the past years.One of their hometown friends will be coming back from his European tour and his parents will be holding a big high school reunion in his honor. “Watch out girls! James is coming home for Christmas!” James laughed out loud as he boarded his red Chevrolet Impala.

kissThis big party in town seemed a good time to show the world her real beautiful self, or so her closest loved ones advised. There was this guy she was hoping to see. James. Her best friend since middle school, he hasn’t written her back, not a single letter, after he was admitted to this top shot school in the city. “Dang! The nerve of the guys! Who does he think he is?!” Sophie shouted to herself in front of the life-sized oval mirror fixed on her wall.  So what if he got a scholarship, they shared something special, they both loved books and watched the night sky every night tracing constellations with their hands. “We will see each other again James Merris and I will give you a piece of my mind!” Sophiesaid to herself. Now Sophie wondered as a thought came crashing down on her. When she touched herself every night, did she think of James involuntarily? The thought was unnerving because she never had a crush on James, or she thought. “No. I do not think of James Merris when I masturbate at night. Why would I want a friend to touch me in ways I have never imagined?” Sophieshuddered at the thought and was thankful for the knock on her door. It was her best girlfriend, Andrea. “Sissy, time to go and let someone rock your world!”

Harassed. All week, he has been out on dates every night with different women, all beautiful and sweet tasting mind you, his friends set him up with. Sex. Sex. Sex. That was all they did behind closed doors after the formal niceties of introductions. “Was that all they wanted? No good conversation? Nothing in common.What the heck am I complaining about? I got all the pussy I ever wanted in a week compared to what I had in my 4 years of high school combined!” James said to himself as he combed his hair in the mirror, changing clothes for the big party tonight. “Really James, too much sex can kill the head, both up and down.” James Merris shinnied off with a jacket and a splash of his Armani Cologne.

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