Kissing a virgin

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“Why would they give the women numbers and the boys too? The heck!” Sophie was indignantly pissed. After having a great formal dinner with the host is family, the parents after the usual courtesies decided to stay in a hotel for the night, they gave their eldest son the house with special permission to part all morning. Then weird things started to happen, the formal party was transformed, in a couple of minutes to a different event. Someone was shouting numbers after ever band song break, the numbers where raffled and people were being blindfolded then guided into a room. “The heck this is happening to me! I gotta get out of here!” Just then her number was called.

KissBlindfolded. Pitch black. Sophie couldn’t see anything, she depended on her other senses. The air had a sweet musk scent, incense maybe. She was guided by an escort to a table.“Mademoiselle would you like some wine?” a deep voiced man asked in a French accent.“You will be alone later with your partner. We just have to make sure you are both comfortably seated to enjoy the experience of this experiment.“Here he comes now. He will be guided to the table. He is not allowed to speak until I give you permission. I will be giving you both a glass of wine. I will guide you to feel the placement of the food and drinks on top of your table. You have been given the rules of the game. We will place you right hands on each other’s cheek. You decide what to do from there. You will be left alone for the next 30 minutes.”

James’ heart was pounding. She smelled of fresh apricots and cherries. Her hand was gently placed on his cheek. They talked about how weird this experience is. Her voice was silky, like the cloth on the table. She sounded sexy without forcing herself. She sounded sweet and knew she smelled the same way. Did she taste the same way too? “Dang this woman! Who was this?”The rules of the game were simple enough: To touch as much as the other would allow. The wine started to take effect. The chocolates must have been laced with something else because they both felt hot, ecstatic.

I let him hold my hand. Energy. A deep sense of knowing. A connection. It must be the wine, she was imagining things.I felt him stand up, feeling his way to the side and placing his chair near mine. Gosh this sure beat touching myself at night! Sophie said to herself. The mystery is unnerving and it made her shiver. Another rule of the game was not to give out names. I cannot ask for his.

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