Kissing a virgin

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I stood up behind her. Lowered my head to her neck, fancying a bite imagining myself a vampire ready to suck the life out of her, instead I traced my fingers from her shoulders to her hands.

He felt him standing behind me, soft breathing on my neck then he started to move his hands down my shoulders. I guided his hands back to my face, cupping my cheeks. I let him feel my lips. He moved his fingers gently, memorizing the contours of my face, from my eyebrows to my neck.

KissShe moved my hands down to her hips, I left her stand up. We were now facing each other.  The woman moved her hands lovingly, caressing me my neck, my chest, my manhood. I slowly moved her closer to me, in a light embrace, we fit perfectly together. I moved slowly sliding the straps of her dress aside revealing the softness of her bosom; I could feel her now pressing herself against my chest. I sat down, carrying her gently making her sit on my lap, facing me. Her plush softness in my face, she smelled of cotton candy, innocent and fun, I licked her innocent nipples until they became full. She cried out, a muffled cry of pleasure. I felt her hands grip my head, my neck and my hair. She whispered, “Please don’t stop. Your mouth feels so warm on my breast. Hold me.” Her nipples hardened, I felt myself enveloped in desire. I wanted to tear her clothes apart and take her right here, lift her skirt up and end my agony. But she felt different, she was different and my mind, body and spirit couldn’t place it.

I guided his hands and took them from the back of my neck, to the small curb of my back to my full waist. He lifted me. I hugged him with my legs, still sitting on top of him. I felt him harden, I flushed inside. I wanted him badly.He sucked my nipples and twirled his touch around, tracing the contours of my breast, cupping them, licking the middle, tasting me so lovingly.. “How long has it been? I do not want to be interrupted! I do not want him to stop, I feel as if I know him, I feel an affinity with this man, I want him to claim me, and I want him to kiss me first.” Sophie thought to herself as she moaned softly.

I gently lifted her. I lifted her shirt, felt the lacy lingerie she was wearing, I set it aside and slid two fingers in. I felt her shiver, her body hot with desire. I felt her tighten, contracting, claiming my two fingers moving in and out now. I continued moving my two fingers in and out, caressing her clit lightly before pushing in as I held the back in support pushing her toward me even more as I licked her breasts more passionately than before. I heard her say, “Oh!”

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