Kissing a virgin

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“I don’t want him to stop.” She thought to herself but ended up making panting sounds of pure pleasure. I moved my hands under his shirt, touched his chest and found his nipples. I caressed them until they hardened. Moved my fingers to my mouth and wet them, placed my fingers back under, I felt him harden even more. We fit perfectly. I whispered in his ear. “Can I kiss you?”

She started to slide off me, left me sitting on the chair, she slid my shirt open, moved her soft warm mouth, her tongue moved to tickle then lick the nipples on my hard chest. She purred innocently, enjoying herself. She slid down to plant soft traces of her lips to suddenly unbutton by pants, she slid down the zippers, my penis showing its glory in full length, I felt her soft small hands move up and down, caressing me. She leaned as of to plant her warm soft lips on my dick, I pulled her up. I couldn’t take it anymore.

KissI felt him pick me up so easily and planted me on his lap once more. He moved his head close to mine and whispered “It feels as if I know you. Like I dreamt of you.” I used my mouth to caressing his eyebrows; let my lips rest on his eyes, then on the bridge of his nose. He claimed the back of my head and moved me closer. We kissed. His lips were soft, his breathe tasted of mint, he moved his hands all over my back as of lips met and danced over and over again.

It was the best kiss of my life. We could have made love right then and there. But we had limited time. I kissed her and she kissed me back. Lovingly. Our souls meeting, I heard trumpets sounding and felt fireworks popping. I kissed a woman, for the first time in my life. She made me feel different. Being with her felt right. The moment our lips met, I knew she was the one. She was the one I was going to marry. I had found my Sophie.

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