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With a heavy head Alex woke up this morning. “Must be the result of last night’s drinking” he murmured as he shoved his duvet aside and walked to the bathroom. He spent more time than usual in the shower and used quite warm water with hope that the ache in his muscles will ease. “Must be the result of too much dancing” he thought. Alex knew the too much party and drinking lifestyle is not doing him any favour, still he went to the parties, drank, danced and occasionally had sex with the girls he met at the bar. Once he had thought that such life would give him pleasure as he did not have to take any responsibility and he can have as much fun as he wanted. He could not lie that he did not have any expectation from such lifestyle. He wanted happiness but did he really get it? “No” he spoke loudly in the shower. He knew he is a coward. He never managed to actually face himself in the mirror and fight his inner demons. He just did what his friends and colleagues did. He simply went with the flow. And he is still flowing.

He finished showering and get out of the bathroom with a towel draped in his lower body. The hangover still hung there and that pissed him off. “What a morning!” he thought “A massive hangover with body ache. Nice!”  After quickly dressing in a casual Capri and Topshop t-shirt he got out of his apartment. He lived in one of the busiest places in North London called Wood Green. He liked the area because it had all the amenities one can think of – cinema, shopping mall, supermarkets, gym, restaurants, etc. He wanted to lose himself amongst the crowd with hope that he might find some relief from the emptiness he feels deep inside. “What should I do today?” he asked himself while walking towards the tube station. Being Sunday afternoon the streets were bussing with people. Some were busy selling their products in the street market beside the co-operative bank , some were busy preaching the teachings of Jesus or Allah, couples were busy making out in public as if there is no tomorrow, singles were browsing shops and  families were out to do their weekly shopping. One Black guy was spreading leaflets and gave one to him. He politely took it considering that he would probably toss in the dustbin on his way to the restaurant. For some odd reason he wanted to read the leaflet. “A Sunday Market at the Famous Alexandra Palace Park Showcasing Local Produce and Crafts” read the headline. It has been ages he went to the park although it was only 20 minutes walk from where he lived. “OK, I will go to the park today and check out the market. It will be a good way to pass my Sunday and maybe will help get rid of the hangover” Alex decided. But first he needed a good cup of Cuppachino as he was extremely thirsty. He walked to the Costa coffee shop next to the tube station and bought a large Cuppachino takeaway and started walking towards the park.

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