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Current Pending Payments:

  • Barry Smith: design
  • Ogbonmwan O: Review Writing

Completed all primary Design of
(2nd Payment)
Total = $52 (with Paypal Transfer fees)

Generating Bill for Review Writing

This is my PayPal Personal link to Pay me for any Goods or Service. You can also go there and Paid your amount.

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Note: Don’t Get Confused with the Name “MIZANUR RAHMAN”. It is my Elder Brother’s account and we use it in joint venture for all purpose.

Payment received (Last 30 Days):

Sushant Pal: $250

Barry Smith: $93.80

Barry Smith: $67.74

Barry Smith: $73

Sushant Pal: $134

Barry Smith: $97

Sumonto Aslam: $159