Student Relationship in Colleges & Universities: A Precise Weighing on Hookup Culture

Student Relationship

As they say “Love is blind, and lovers cannot see, the pretty follies that themselves commit” (William Shakespeare) culture of dating is prevailing all around the globe at its full extent to be seen in colleges and campuses. Apprentice eons are considered to be wonderful time where there are no real accountability else academic enactments, contrary when it comes to hooking up most of the student’s distract their attention subsequently started to neglect studies. Yet, some exclusively look for unpremeditated attention of significant other, although others look for their one and only to get cozy with, some fall for just physical attraction etc. However, peer interactions seem to have both a positive and negative effect on youthful attitudes and activities associated with romantic relationships and sexual behavior. Of course, it’s the time when a person mentally and physically hasn’t much stable so more likely to be vulnerable to such hookups. Relationship

Vigorous dating upshot:

Campus relationships portrays a positive side as well when it comes to comparing notes, widening vision, healthy discussion that ultimately strengthen decision making, enable to see someone’s abilities and physic behavior, interdependence, empathy, boosting confidence and act wisely to achieve Rio goals (of course academic performance). Characteristics of strong teen or high school dating affiliations are open communication and trust among partners of practically of similar age-group. Through better emotive advance and social skills, dating in forthcoming teen years can smooth the personal identity development and managing skills.

Dating rip-offs:

Impacts of early teen dating can create a chaos e.g. poor educational performance, persistent meager communal assistance, premature teen pregnancy, emotional instability, distress, lack of trust, sexual activity engrossment, hyper-tension, delinquency and drug use etc. however, dating could appear to possess confident effect at the high school. Although social media hasn’t left behind to play its part pertinent to dating and relationship advice services are easily and freely available to promote hookup culture.

Nurturing Power:

Teen dating has become nuisance for their parents it has garnered national attention more it has been viewing as a societal hazard. Violence may trigger teen to make spontaneous aggressive act. Thus, it is said that the children who are close to their parents and use to share their routine and stuff are more likely not to involve in steady bond and have higher academic achievements. Parents can guide their children to avoid negative dating by keep having an open communication and try to grasp their condition in order to prevent them to listen to others blindly. So it would be better to teach them to respect parental, societal norms and ability to cope peer pressure instead of act heatedly.


Nonetheless, it would be wrong to say that all the teenage and high school relationships are prejudicial. If they are lucky enough may find their one and only at their young age henceforth enjoy unswerving parental support. No matter what if relationship didn’t work for the people at first, provide tons of experience, to get their-selves stronger, more mature, armed and wise to tackle future relationship issues effectively and strategically. It would help them chose a best match for them to go for the rest of their lives, moreover make them strong enough to accept their past and awaken the ability to focus on their future prospective and live happily.


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