Value of Foreplay For Women and Men

What is Foreplay?

First of all to make things clear, foreplay is not any sport. It is the process of physical stimulation and sensory pleasure prior to sexual intercourse is termed as Foreplay. It is impossible to describe this process in a concrete manner because we all ahem can approach it in various ways but basically it comprises of all the physical and verbal activities that eventually advances towards intercourse. Can you guess its aim? Well, the aim here is to assist easier climax as well as increase sensual pleasure. Hurray!

Increasing Sexual Pleasure through Foreplay

Foreplay plays different roles for men and women during the sex session.Hey do not underestimate the power of these roles…… Why? Let me give you some examples.

To my lovely ladies, it prepares your body for intercourse by increasing the sexual excitement and anticipation. The direct stimulation of your erogenous zones makes you eager towards the actual penetration. Want to hear more? Most of us women often complain that penetration is painful. Well, actions such as stimulation of breasts and vaginal area (which are very important part of foreplay) releases vaginal fluids which aids in easier and painless penetration. So foreplay can be your best friend which makes sexual act a pleasure; not a pain! Oh, did I mention the more you get stimulated physically; the easier it is to achieve orgasm?

Now my handsome hunks, got complains about not being able to maintain a powerful erection? You can spend huge amount of money and try all the miracle sex drugs but the most effective and probably the easiest way to maintain this erection lies in foreplay. Studies have often proven that it leads to an eventual but complete erection which heightens your sexual urge and pleasure through climax. Want to hear about another bonus? It ensures sensitivity and longitude of the intercourse. So learn to love and cherish your dear friend foreplay! 

Foreplay and Intimacy

Do you value the importance of a good sex life? Is your aim is to please the partner? Again foreplay comes to your rescue. Studies have often measured the level of intimacy by the dominance of foreplay in relationships. Better foreplay is the indicator of deeper intimacy between partners. It increases the chance of experiencing better climax as well as receiving maximum physical pleasure which is a strong indication of better intimacy. Have you been involved with your partner for quite some time and worried about how to introduce new spark in sex life? Look no further just experiment with foreplay! It is the indicator of the interest in each other particularly in the cases where partners have been involved for a long time.

With all the promises and benefits that foreplay brings in your sex life; do not ignore this genie. To ensure sexual pleasure, enhance intimacy and more importantly to add the zest and spice in sex; simply foreplay!

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